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By nang_la30
#965555 A Study on 10 Graders’ Motivation in Speaking Activities at Son Tay High School, Ha Noi
Nghiên cứu động cơ trong các hoạt động nói tiếng Anh của học sinh Lớp 10, Trường THPT Sơn Tây, Hà Nội. M.A Thesis Linguistics: 60 14 10
Nhà xuất bản:University of Languages and International Studies


First of all, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor, Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Trần Xuân Điệp, whose insightful comments, criticism, direction and kind support
were of great assistance to me in carrying out this study.
My sincere thanks also go to all the lecturers and staff of the Faculty of
Post- Graduate Studies, Hanoi University of Languages and International Studies,
Vietnam National University, Hanoi, for their valuable knowledge and invaluable
guidance and Giúp during my two years of study at the Faculty.
I am also indebted to my colleagues as well as my students at Son Tay High
School, who have helped me a lot in my data collection to fulfill this paper.
Last but not least, I would like to express my appreciation to my family for
their understanding and strong encouragement to me throughout the study.


Success in language learning can be ascribed to many factors among which
is motivation. However, it is students‟motivation to speak that does exist as a
problem. In order to improve the quality of speaking classes, the work entitled “A
Study on 10 Graders‟ Motivation in Speaking Activities at Son Tay High School,
Ha Noi.” has been intended.
The study was aimed at investigating the motivation in speaking lessons of
10 graders at Son Tay High School (STHS) to find out:
(1) types of motivation possessed by 10 graders at STHS.
(2) level of motivation of 10 graders at STHS in speaking lessons.
(3) causes leading to the lack of motivation in speaking lessons of 10 graders
at STHS.
The research approach undertaken in this study was qualitative and
quantitative. The research data collection instruments were survey questionnaires
and interviews.
The results obtained from the analysis of responses to the questionnaires and
interviews for teachers and students revealed the types of motivation of 10 graders,
the level of motivation and the causes of students‟ deficiency of motivation at STHS.
Finally, this study provided some recommendations for effective application of
motivational strategies in enhancing students‟ speaking skills. It is expected that the
results from the study could be of benefit to the teaching and learning of English
speaking at STHS.

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