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Welcome to the unique experience of the newly designed Fix-It Utilities phiên bản 12. This year’s Fix-It release see exceptional changes to this already successful, award- winning utility title.

Still keeping your PC running like new, you can now also enjoy a sleeker redesigned workflow that makes your Fix-It user experience not only easier but more intuitive.

This uniquely revamped phiên bản see the introduction of some powerful new features (including Patent-pending technology), innovative graphics, newly designed tool categories, site navigation and much more. You won’t be disappointed with the powerfulness or professionalism this all-round PC Fix-It solution has to offer.

Powerful New Features!

New! Patent-Pending PC Analyser Technology: Analyses Windows services, processes and programs so that you can turn off the items that slow down your PC.

New! 400% Faster Registry Repair: Registry Fixer has been redesigned to fix registry problems faster and optimise Windows performance.

New! Program Optimiser: Accelerate program launch and responsiveness by fixing slowdowns.

New!Anti-Virus-Anti Spyware Engine: Now scans and removes threats 35% faster! Get more protection for your PC from even the most malicious outside threats!


Fix-It Utilities Professional is your ultimate all in one PC repair and maintenance solution. Fix-It Professional allows you to take control of your PC with one-click comprehensive diagnostic tests that leave your computer running like new.

So What Makes Fix-It Utilities Professional So Unique? Simple, no other repair and maintenance program can offerPowerful, Patent-pending PC Analyser Technology!

This exclusive new feature analyses Windows services, processes and programs from start-up, to active use, to shutdown to identify why your PC is slow.

Easily turn off processes that use too many system resources without affecting your work.

Automatically Repair, Speed Up and Protect Your PC!

• One-Click PC Maintenance

Easy-to-use wizards let you fix, clean, optimise and protect your system.

• Speed Up Windows

Clean out hard drive clutter, optimise file systems and repair Windows security vulnerabilities.

• Recover Lost Data & File Shredder

Remove deleted files, photos and more. Or securely erase sensitive data.

• Stop Frustrating PC Crashes

Identify and eliminate PC slowdowns and freezes with step-by-step system tune-up tools.

• Internet Speed Optimiser

Accelerate your browser, download and web surfing speeds.

Fix, Speed Up and Actively Protect Your PC!

• Fix Windows Problems

Powerful diagnostic tools find and repair Windows problems automatically.

• PC Health Status Monitoring

Real-time system reports give you an instant overview of your PC’s health and security.

• Improved! Broken Shortcut Fixer

Offers a even better detection and handling of network shortcuts.

• Speed Up Windows

Regain wasted disk space, repair hard drive problems and speed up Windows startup.

• New Program Optimiser

Accelerate program responsiveness by optimising program files.

• New 400% Faster Registry Repair

Defrag, fix, clean and optimise your Windows registry.

• Memory Optimiser

Improve system performance by optimising how Windows uses system memory.

• Improved! File Shredder

Now shows a progress displays, allows up to 999 file shreds at a time, plus shreds everything in the Recycle bin.





Download : (mọi người nhớ copy link vô thanh trình duyệt rồi mới enter nhé)

Key ngày 4/10/12

Key đã dùng



Key còn sống



















các bạn active từ trên xuống. Bạn nào lấy key nào rồi thì thông báo dưới topic để bạn khác không active key đó nữa. Nếu 20key trên active hết thì các bạn thông báo trên topic này để mình thay đổi key.

Ai thấy bài viết này hay nhớ tks nhé !


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Mở hàng cho bác nè!

Em xin key số 1: C111-0371-G3M8-05HF-8BJT-W9ES

key số 2: C111-0371-J3P9-14HD-8KA9-W9YS (cho bạ gái )

Thank bác nhé!


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Bạn nên lập topic giới thiệu hoàn chỉnh về soft này kèm link down, key như vậy sẽ hay hơn. Chỉ share key như vầy mọi người lại mắc công tìm hiểu koi soft này thế nào!


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toàn tiếng anh tiếng em thế này, đang giới thiệu cho VN hay nước ngoài thế, cố gắng phiên dich ra hặoc tìm hiểu rồi post cho mọi ngưới nhé


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minh xài key thứ 2 từ dưới lên đó nhe


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bài viết nên dịch sang tiếng việt, nhưng cũng thank for share Bác có thể copy sang google dịch mà xem


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cái này là phần mềm gì vậy các bạn? nó có giống wise care 365 pro không?