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Current version: v3.2.9.
Phần mềm này giúp bạn có thể xem Sopcast ngay trên trình duyệt Internet EXplore IE của mình


The Sopcast Webplayer, also called Websop, allows you to watch Sopcast channels in Internet Explorer!


Unlike SopPlayer, SopCast WebPlayer can not run solely. It's just an ActiveX plugin for web browser, you have to embed it on your web page to play channels of SopCast. WebPlayer can be controled with javascript code. WebPlayer can be run with: * Iexplore 5 or above * Firefox 1.0.1 or above
Download and Install
Download SopPlayer below from one of the download links. Unzip SopCastOcx.zip with Winzip or Winrar to your hard disc. Go to the directory unzipped and Run Setup-SopCore-verion-num-build-time.exe to càiWebPlayer. Now you can watch Websop channels with Internet Explorer.
To watch with Firefox
If you are using Mozilla FireFox, you must càiActiveX plugin for FireFox to enable Sopcast WebPlayer. The plugin mozactivex-ff-15.xpi is for firefox phiên bản 1.5.0.x. But it works for 2.x phiên bản also, please have a try. See also Enjoy!


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