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This thesis arose from the time I started work for my past company which is one
of the first companies to bring timeshare concept to Viet Nam. It is the
achievement that visualize my knowledge got from the MBA combining with
the understandings, informations and working experience. By that time I have
worked with a great number of people whose contribution in assorted way to the
research and the making of the thesis deserved special mention
In the first, I would like to extend my gratitude to professor Tran Doan Kim for
his supervision, advice and guidance from the early stage of this thesis as well as
giving the extraodinay experiences through out the work. He provided my great
encouragement and support in various ways. He adviced me see thing in macro
and scientific spectacles to analyze and solve a problem that exceptionally
inspire and enrich my growth as a student
Many thanks in particular to professor Pham Van Thang, my lecturer of
Strategic Management subject within the 3rd semester of MBA time. He is such
a respectful lecturer who set the mirror for us with his scientific- academic
working style who setup strict rules that sometimes made us overload by his
exercises and demands but til now we really know how best they are
I gratefully acknowledge all lectures of Ha Noi School of Business who brought
me various knowledge in all fields of business that not only meaningful served
to my thesis but also are valuable for my job carreer in future
I gratefully thank HSB staffs who created us favorable conditions durring the
studying time as well as the time be off for thesis : The registra team who
always keep us on track of timeline for this thesis, the library staffs who always
be happy to serve us book and reference materials I would also acknowledge my HSB.MBA7 mates who accompanied me durring
the studying time at HSB. They shares me many useful ideas and advices to
approach the matter in various ways with the most effectiveness. They are
always willing to share bright thoughts with me at anytime I got stuck which
were fruitful for sharping up my idea and research
Finally, it is pleasure to pay tribute to my family who always beside me and give
me great support  Manna has to quickly finished agreement with RCI, then show the agreement
for customer in sale event. At convenient time Manna would invite RCI
representative to talk and share advantages of RCI and offering gifts or
Could not sell out all timeshare unit as expected
If this situation happens Manna will regulate percentage of timeshare unit in
total suites of project
Actually timeshare is quite new in Viet Nam and it’s difficult for Manna to sell out
all suites by timeshare model. Reality has demonstrated, Ninh Van Bay, they only
sell certain percentage of full project productivity by timeshare and the remains will
be exploited by normal way (telephone book, online booking, travel agent …)
There are 28,600 (550 suites*52 weeks) product unit will be sold under timeshare
model. Take experience from successful case in the world, firstly it should devided
by 65% (sold under timeshare model) and 35% (by normal booking). And then base
on sale result, Manna could regulate the percentage of 2 ways for reasonablity.
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Re: [Free] Kế hoạch kinh doanh cho dự án bất động sản nghỉ dưỡng theo mô hình chia sẻ kỳ nghỉ- dự án Manna Luxury holidays resort

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