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The outline:
1. What subject
2. What it deals with
3. Why I like it
4. The end

I learn many subjects in school. But the one I enjoy learning is History.

History helps us know what people did and how they lived ages ago. It also tells us how men had to manage to make their lives better and better.

Many learners, however, do not like to read History. They say that there are too many names and dates to remember. But they do not understand that if we know nothing about the past, we cannot have a good knowledge of the present. For example, if we wish to know how men learnt to use fire or clothes, we have to know what men did in the past to travel at night or to keep themselves warm. In fact, only a study of History will make us realize that what we do today is the result of what our ancestors did in the past. History therefore is a long story of man’s struggle through the ages. As we read the story, we are learning many interesting things.

I enjoy learning history. I have a large number of history books in my house. Some day, I might even write a history book myself.

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