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Danh sách đầy đủ các phím tắt trong lập trình android studio, tương tự như Eclipse
Nắm được các phím tắt này sẽ giúp bạn lập trình được nhanh hơn, chính xác hơn

Nếu bạn lập trình trên Windows PC

Add unimplemented methods: CTRL + I
Override methods: CTRL + O
Format code: CTRL + ALT + L
Show project: ALT + 1
Show logcat: ALT + 6
Hide project - logcat: SHIFT + ESC
Build: CTRL + F9
Build and Run: CTRL + F10
Collapse all: CTRL + SHIFT + NumPad +
Expand all: CTRL + SHIFT + NumPad -
Find and replace: CTRL + R
Find: CTRL + F

Go to class CTRL + N
Go to file CTRL + Shift + N
Navigate open tabs ALT + Left-Arrow; ALT + Right-Arrow
Look up recent files CTRL + E
Go to line CTRL + G
Navigate to last edit location CTRL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE
Go to declaration CTRL + B
Go to implementation CTRL + ALT + B
Go to source F4
Go to super Class CTRL + U
Show Call hierarchy CTRL + ALT + H
Search in path/project CTRL + SHIFT + F

Programming Shortcuts:-

Reformat code CTRL + ALT + L
Optimize imports CTRL + ALT + O
Code Completion CTRL + SPACE
Issue quick fix ALT + ENTER
Surround code block CTRL + ALT + T
Rename and Refractor Shift + F6
Line Comment or Uncomment CTRL + /
Block Comment or Uncomment CTRL + SHIFT + /
Go to previous/next method ALT + UP/DOWN
Show parameters for method CTRL + P
Quick documentation lookup CTRL + Q
Delete a line CTRL + Y
View declaration in layout CTRL + B
To find Usage of selected Text ALT + F7 or goto Edit -> Find -> Find Usages
To check unused res files in android studio - Control + Alt + Shift + i and type "Unused resources"

Nếu bạn lập trình trên Mac OS X

- Compile java sources SHF+CMD+F9
- Build the project CMD+F9
- Run the current configuration CTR+R
- Run in debugger CTR+D
- Open project properties CMD++;
- Open Android Studio preferences CMD++,
- Find any command SHF+CMD+A
- Auto-format code OPT+CMD+L
- Delete line CMD+DELETE or CMD+Backspace
- Duplicate line/selection CMD+D
- Copy line CMD+C (with nothing selected)
- Select next occurance(s) CTR+G
Scope based selection

  • Select next higher scope Option+UP

  • Select next lower scope Option+DOWN

Navigating the code
- Open class CMD+O
- Open file SHF+CMD+O
- Navigate back to last position CMD+[
- Navigate forward to previous position CMD+]
- Switch to recently used files CRT+TAB
Intention Actions
  • If/Switch actions Option+RETURN

Create method CMD+N

Loop an array of ints

  • Generate Logs usin logd, loge, logi, logt, logm and logr

- Project quick fix ALT+ENTER
- Show docs for selected API F1
- Jump to source CMD+down-arrow

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