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#582926 Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!
Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

<p>Despite off-field controversy over transfers in the summer, Jonas Gutierrez has insisted that Newcastle are in the highest spirits, and are ready to stake their claim on the top half of the Barclays Premier League table.</p><p>After surviving the season so far unbeaten, the Toon are currently fourth on the table. The start has surprised many pundits after Alan Pardew was unable to land a striker, or a replacement for the departed Joey Barton, before deadline day.</p><p>And Gutierrez believes that having their backs against the wall has encouraged the squad to step up and surprise everyone with their top-class performances. </p><p>&ldquo;The spirit which many people talked about last season, and in our promotion season, is still there and indeed, may even be stronger, and that has served us well too,&rdquo; Gutierrez told The Journal.</p><p>&ldquo;We have shown that in all our games this season, particularly in the two Cup ties, the game at QPR where we fought really hard for a draw and at Aston Villa where we had to come from behind.&rdquo;</p><p>The winger said that team bonding has made the Toon group more close-knit than ever, with the players spending time off the pitch as well as on it.</p><p>&ldquo;On Tuesday we all went paint-balling up at Slaley Hall,&rdquo; he explained.</p><p>&ldquo;All the players and coaching staff went, and for some of us it was a brand new experience. And it was a super day, too. Cheick (Tioté) was the star, he was great, but it was just one of those days that everyone enjoyed.</p><p>&ldquo;This team has such a good spirit, we&rsquo;re all really good friends and love each other&rsquo;s company.</p><p>&ldquo;It certainly helped all the new lads settle in even more, not that they needed to really, but also those type of things just Giúp bring fun to the team and bring everyone closer together.&rdquo;</p><p>Gutierrez signed a contract extension with Newcastle this week, tying him to the club for the next four years. And the 28-year-old Argentine couldn&rsquo;t be happier with having his long-term future settled at St James&rsquo; Park.</p><p>&ldquo;That is terrific for me,&rdquo; he said of the deal. &ldquo;I am 28 now, so will have four more seasons at St James&rsquo; Park where I hope to give my best to the team, the manager and the supporters.</p><p>&ldquo;I love playing for this football club. Ever since I joined in 2008 I have felt a special bond with the city and its supporters.</p><p>&ldquo;They are like nothing I have experienced before and it is honestly a pleasure to play for the fans.</p><p>&ldquo;I think the rest of the players think that, too. I know Colo very well of course and he thinks the same, he was so proud to be made captain and in my view, I think he is playing the best football of his career &ndash; we both have a lot to thank the manager and board for.&rdquo;</p>

Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!
Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!
Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!
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#582930 Nếu là em em sẽ End cái Process đó ngay tức khắc và kiếm cái File khác đè lên File cũ đang chạy CPU đó , cụ thể là cái Explorer của em toàn lên 90% CPU , em toàn end và Copy file khác đè lên sài típ @@
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#582932 ,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Zhongguancun Avenue North to South Lane without the implementation of traffic control, traffic is slow.The police face to face with knife-wielding men talk, man has successfully attracted attention, no longer looked around,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!.At this time, a silver car, from north to South on Zhongguancun street, lane running slowly,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!.After traveling to knife man, wearing a black Swat, out from the back seat quickly open the door, to the man behind him, police body over the fence, quickly took a fruit knife in the man's hand.At this time, around the forward rapidly in other police the man around, the man pressed down to the ground, their uniforms.

the police "as"

said,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!, the man wearing a white shirt, black trousers,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!, about 30 years old."He started lying under the bridge, estimate is want to die&quot,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!;.The manager said, someone called the police, police arrived at the scene, the man from the police for questioning, to the main road.Later, back of the middle of the road barrier, and took out a fruit knife in the neck, "don't let the police near".

men's knife threat police don't approach.Video screenshot

witnesses said, the man on the scene asked to see the reporter.The police take turns to talk with him, and plainclothes police carrying camera &quot,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!;fake" reporter, to take his picture, attracted his attention, and advise them to put down the knife.

more than witnesses to the incident photographed, and upload to the internet.Netizen "Luo He opened" video can be seen in men,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!, the right hand holding a knife and left about 10 cm, holding a mobile phone.In the video, the police not to, he has been back.


"reporter attract man the man standing in the middle of the road, with a fruit knife in the neck of gestures", witnesses said, at noon yesterday, at eleven thirty in the morning, a man is standing on the streets of Zhongguancun Huangzhuang junctions in the south of about 100 meters, South to North Main Road, knife threatened to Dutch act.Ms. Li newsstand near said, he also took a stack of materials.Parking attendant electronic market

from the other side of SWAT guardrail bus raid, the knife off,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!.Video screenshot

newspaper news (reporter Lin Azhen Yi Fangxing) yesterday at eleven thirty PM, Haidian District Zhongguancun Street School of National People's Congress before the door, a man with a knife standing in the middle of the road to Dutch act.The police and the conversation, trying to take knife failed.Finally, from the other side of the road guardrail special police car "attack", while it does not put the knife away.The man was uniform on the spot and take away.Accident near the road congestion for about 1 hours, the police are currently investigating the matter.

taken from the view2011 of the video to see, the middle of the road,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!, the man always put the knife in his neck, the police more than with the man to talk face to face, the conversation, the man kept back, then leaned on the fence in the middle of the road.

SWAT by social vehicles take knife

scratch arm police back

the man was taken away by the police

then,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!, boy again back, at the time of back, he kept looking around.

Gonglian Shunda parking parking manager Mr. Xi said, the police in the persuasion process, will be the distance between the two sides from 5 meters to 2 meters shorter, guy sees, the knife to his left arm.Mr. Xi said, boy saying "company" the word of and so on, shouting "don't come".The police can only keep the distance with the guy again."Later,Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!, a policeman around to the guy behind, trying to seize a small knife, but under the boy struggling, take knife failure."Mr. Xi said.

because the man standing in the middle of the road, the police carried out a temporary traffic control on Zhongguancun Street South section of the north.

police take knife, police subdued.Video screenshot

men's survey was taken away by police, traffic control, Zhongguancun Avenue traffic 1 hours

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Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

2011 listing Corporation report has not yet officially entered the disclosure period, but with the interim results forecasts gradually surfaced, the two city newspaper market has quietly begun.At present, nearly 800 listing Corporation disclosure of interim results forecasts, which nearly 80% of the performance of the company of the xi.
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#582933 K làm gì mà CPU lên gần 100 thì chắc chắn máy bạn dính virus rồi. Thử ktra lại aV của b rồi quét lại hệ thống
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