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By Ezhno
#39916 ok so i busy sims bustin out for ps2 and i appetite my sims to be affiliated and pregnet i had a babyish with you kiss them and you accept a babyish but i dont like it that way i appetite my sim to gooo tro preagnetcy so how do i get my sim affiliated and preggnet and what approach does it accept to be on cani i do it on freeplay? if not i appetite to apperceive how to do it on apprehension out plz advice

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By Bradfurd
#40000 if i bethink appropriate for sims bustin' out the easiest way to get your sim pregnant, make your sim and their brand and dislikes, make a guy sim who is what they like, consistently make them collaborate in absolute ways, and i anticipate eventually you should accept the advantage to get married, theres a little added to it but thats the basal basis of it, additionally make abiding you accept a bed that will let them both in it, I anticipate thats right, but i haven't played sims in a while, so if i messed annihilation up i'm sorry
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