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By qquockhoa

Three Cards to Dead Time v1.0

Release: 2010 | English | PC | Developer: Big Fish Games | 200 MB

Genres: Hidden Object

Jess Silloway's dreams are haunted by a ghostly figure, always gesturing to be followed. Clues lead to a bed & breakfast on the coast of Maine – the lone surviving structure of a small town mysteriously destroyed eighty years ago... and now one of the most haunted places on earth. Ghost hunters have come for an annual Halloween Night investigation, but it's Jess who glimpses the "other side." But why her? She doesn't know the woman in her dreams and, until now, she had no idea Beacon Bay even existed. She has no connection here, no history. And then... something starts to feel... familiar...

Game features:

• 6+ hours of gameplay:

- 7 Chapters, plus Intro & Finale

- Non-linear progression

- Interactive storyline

• Innovative Gameplay:

- Use logic to identify specific objects, not just search for random hidden objects

- Three variations on the core gameplay: Categories, Connections, Opposites

- 14 unique mini-games/puzzles

• 3 Difficulty Levels:

- Easy, Challenge, Gamer

- Provides excellent Replayability

• Over 20 unique locations

• Almost 100 cinematic scenes

• High quality audio, featuring:

- Award-winning sound production

- Professional voice acting

- Original musical score

System requirements:

• Windows XP/Vista/7

• 1.2 GHz

• 256 MB RAM


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