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Mã: Chọn tất cảhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt2085883/

A female producer loses her fiancé in a hit and run accident and stands in the line of conflict. After 8 films, this movie is directed by Lee Jeong-hyang who also directed "The Way Home" with Nam Ji-hyeon and Song Hye-kyo in the lead, after incredible competition, as the producer.

Da-hae who lost her fiancé by a hit and run accident, forgave the criminal who was 15 year old boy as her principle base on catholic belief and signs a petition for him. One year after, Da-hae is making a documentary to abolish death penalty requested by Catholic Church. The time goes on, she starts to look back her pain having an interview to victims who live with the forgiveness.

Also Known As: ?? (O-neul)
Directed by: Lee Jeong-hyang (???)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: None at the moment. Do not request.
Year: 2011
Genre: Drama
Cast: Song Hye-Kyo, Nam Ji-Hyun, Ki Tae-Young

Country.....: South Korea
Director.....: Lee Jeong-Hyang
Genre.....: Drama, Romance
Runtime.....: 119mins
Language.....: Korean
Ripper/Group .....: Playy
Video Size ......: ~1.84GB (1 CD/s)
Video Codec ......: mkv(AVC) - x264
Video Bitrate .....: ~2000 kbps
Audio Format ....: AC3 2 Channels
Audio Bitrate .....: ~192kbps
Frame Rate ......: 29.970FPS
Aspect Ratio .....: 2.35:1
Resolution ......: 1280 X 544

Mã: Chọn tất cảhttp://www.filesonic.com/file/4320009664/A.Reason.to.Live.720p.HDRip.x264.AC3-Playy.part1.rar

Mã: Chọn tất cảhttp://filepost.com/files/89bf6443/A.Reason.to.Live.720p.HDRip.x264.AC3-Playy.part1.rar

Mã: Chọn tất cảhttp://www.fileserve.com/file/PBfA4Ag/A.Reason.to.Live.720p.HDRip.x264.AC3-Playy.part1.rar

Mã: Chọn tất cảhttp://filesflash.com/qvznt47o

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