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Lethal Weapon S01E07 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION | 923 MB


Episode 07 - Fashion Police

As Riggs and Murtaugh examine the murder of one of L.A.'s fashion expeditors, they follow a trail of evidence that leads them to an ongoing and exceptionally dangerous underground investigation led by the Drug Enforcement Administration. In the meantime, Trish and the kids are off visiting colleges, leaving Murtaugh to a "bender" of his own, while Riggs has trouble sleeping through the night due to his all-too-real dreams of Miranda.

( Damon Wayans, Keesha Sharp, Kevin Rahm )
Ratings IMDB: 7.8/10 from 8,148

Mã: Chọn tất cảhttps://subscene.com/subtitles/lethal-weapon-first-season-2016-2

Mã: Chọn tất cảhttps://www.fshare.vn/file/U4ORMG7CSPX9


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