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By Ryushare

Chinese Title: On Call 36小時II
English Title: The Hippocratic Crush II
Genre: Medical drama
Producer: Poon Ka Tak (DIF series, Triumph in the Skies, The Drive of Life)
Notable: TVB 46th Anniversary Series (2013), The Hippocratic Crush sequel
Theme Song: Sequel (續集) by Joey Yung [Get It]
Episodes: 30
Lawrence Ng
Kenneth Ma
Tavia Yeung
Him Law
Mandy Wong
Benjamin Yuen
Derek Kwok
Ben Wong
Gigi Wong
Louisa So
Tracy Chu
Jerry Koo
Eliza Sam
Crystal Li
Mary Hon
Paisley Wu
Raymond Cho (guest)
Grace Wong (guest)

Struggling dying patients and FAN TZE YU (Tavia Yeung), his sick pregnant wife, CHEUNG YAT KIN (Kenneth Ma) stubbornly took all of the burden and became restless. Meanwhile, he encounters experienced and retired master of surgery LOK MAN SAN (Lawrence Ng), whom he does not get along well with. TZE YU's illness came back to haunt her resulting in a miscarriage and she was forced to give up her position as a surgeon. All of these happenings caused a major impact on YAT KIN's life.
TZE YU wanted to make YAT KIN understand that he should let go of the burden and live in reality, she transfers to a different department and goes through a learning process all over again. YAT KIN had a difficult time accepting the fact, but seeing his juniors YEUNG PUI CHUNG (Him Law), HUNG MEI SUET (Mandy Wong) and the others gradually growing up, each becoming independent doctors and with LOKMAN and TZE YU's encouragement, YAT KIN finally understands that a doctor is like a bucket of soil, he must acknowledge his own abilities and defend his own post in order to protect the lives of others!

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