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By Kairyu

Chin Man-Kei - The Fruit is Swelling [HK CAT III - Hong Kong]
Alternate Name: Fruit is Ripe II
Directed by: Chin Man-Kei | IMDB
Produced by: Chin Man-Kei
Year: 1997
Cast: Jane Chung Chun, Hung Hiu-Wan, Fong Shuen, Tsui Kam-Kong, Danny Wong Shu-Kei, Yuen King-Tan ng

A really young girl wants to grow up as quick as possible to be with her swim teacher. Mysteriously, her wishes come true the next day. As a small kid in a woman's body, she becomes exposed to the adult life, and finds that it's just not right for her.

Peach is a young girl of eight who makes a wish on a wishing tree. She wants to be older. Then she wakes up as an eighteen-year-old. Her friend Fatty-Girl undergoes a similar transformation. Only Peach’s older sister Lychee knows the truth.
Peach and Fatty now can observe the adult world in all of its guises be they good or bad. Peach discovers that while she is not ready for a physical relationship, she has developed a romantic attachment. But the world of adults is not a bed of roses and Peach’s innocence is tested as she witnesses lies, infidelity and lust wherever she goes. It seems that no adult is truthful. The ending series of twists helps to elevate the story above the more superficial BIG.

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