Hình đại diện của thành viên
By Kairyu
Year: 1976
Duration: 01:16:45
Directed by: Teruo Ishii
Actors: Yûsuke Kazato, Rena Uchimura and Akira Shioji
Language: Japanese (English subs)
Country: Japan
Genres: Drama | Horror
Also known as: Shogun's Sadism, Tokugawa onna keibatsu-emaki: Ushi-zaki no kei, Oxen Split Torturing
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Two short stories set in Edo during the Shogun era. 1. During a time when Christians are persecuted vehemently, Iori falls in love with young Christian girl. When she and her family are captured during a raid, his sadistic master takes her as her personal slave to torment him, and tries breaking her spirit by means of rape, torture and pure sadism. After Iori refuses to participate any longer he is exiled, but vows to get her back. 2. When Sutezo is forced to serve the cruel master of a brothel to repay his debts, he becomes friends with the young girl Sato. Together, they escape and try to get by on scams and theft.

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The Joy of Torture (1968)

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