Hình đại diện của thành viên
By Kairyu

Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Newport B
Genre: Adult
Rating: III (Hong Kong)
Theatrical Run: 01/09/1992 - 01/31/1992
Box Office: HK $4,644,535.00
IMDB: Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

An extended and tangled love/lust triangle. Joanne and Alan are husband and wife, who work in the same advertising office. Alan is too quick in bed and Joanne is becoming less satisfied. And drop-dead gorgeous Yvonne, a co-worker, finds Alan so attractive that she stays back late just to ask him to accompany her to the (men's) toilet. Joanne takes French lessons, and meets bi-sexual photographer Terri (a gwailo) in one of the classes. Joanne and Terri drift closer and become lovers. The agency needs a nude model for an ad, so Joanne introduces Alan to Terri, who convinces Joanne to model for the ad. Alan finds himself attracted to the plain-looking Terri, but her explanation to Alan of why she goes with women is weird, to say the least. It seems all her ex-boyfriends either died while crossing the road or committed suicide, and she's therefore afraid of loving a man again. There's also Terri's live-in lover (a pretty blonde girl with an apparent distaste for clothing), whom she dumps. After just one more great sex scene with Alan, Yvonne vanishes from the picture (unfortunately !). Terri wavers between being a shoulder to cry on and being a lover to both husband and wife.

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