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By Kairyu

Year: 1983

Duration: 01:07:58

Directed by: Yoshimitsu Morita

Actors: Mayumi Terashima, Mai Inoue, Ryoko Watanabe

Language: Japanese | English subtitles

Country: Japan

Also known as: Pink cut: futoku aishite fukaku aishite (Japan; original title)


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Description: After her parents death, a young girl inherited a hair salon.

In order to keep paying her studies, she hires several itas to work there and makes them use very sexy uniforms to attract more male costumers.

The salon becomes the starting point for several sexual adventures, very funny and even more hot!

Yoshimitsu Morita (?? ??, 1950 –) is a self-taught Japanese film director who made his debut in 1981 with No Youna Mono...(Just Like), a mainstream hit. Its odd-couple protagonists were in tune with the 1980s zeitgeist, too. In 1983 he won acclaim for his movie Kazoku Gemu (The Family Game), a black comedy dealing with then-recent changes in the structure of Japanese home life. The film was voted the best film of the year by Kinema Junpo. Two years later, Sorekara (And Then) won him another best one award from Kinema Junpo. He has been nominated for eight Japanese Academy Awards, winning the 2004 Best Director award for Ashura no Gotoku.
(For more info on the reception of his films in Japan, see link)

Pink Cut: Love Me Hard, Love Me Deep, made just before his masterpiece Family Game, could be regarded as the continuation of his debut: No Youna Mono, a light comedy which celebrates youth's freedoms, aspirations, and boundless energy.


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