Hình đại diện của thành viên
By Kairyu

Chinese Title: 衝上雲霄II
English Title: Triumph in the Skies II
Genre: Modern drama, romance
Producer: Joe Chan (formerly a scriptwriter-director; As a producer: Ghetto Justice II)
Production: July 2012 - January 2013
Filming locations: Hong Kong, Sanya (China), Qingdao (China), Paris, London, Kenting (Taiwan)
Notable: Triumph in the Skies sequel
Episodes: 43

Francis Ng
Chilam Cheung
Myolie Wu
Fala Chen
Ron Ng
Kenneth Ma
Nancy Wu
Him Law
Elena Kong
Rebecca Zhu
Toby Leung
Kelly Fu
Eliza Sam
Patrick Dunn
Pal Sinn
Adrian Chau
William So
Stefen Hyuhn
SAM TONG (Francis Ng) is a successful pilot with a smooth sailing career and has the optimistic ZOE SO (Myolie Wu) as his wife. Unfortunately ZOE suffers from congenital heart disease and since her condition can worsen anytime, SAM takes her traveling around the world. When ZOE knew her condition worsened, she didn't want her husband to witness her passing, but when SAM wanted to turn back, it was already too late. Losing his wife caused a huge impact on SAM, he went traveling alone and met a shop owner MANNA (Michelle Yim) in London. Because of ZOE, SAM had learned how to make cakes and his skills were much appreciated by MANNA, who had a strong interest to hire him. (aZnangel)
MANNA's daughter HOLLY HO (Fala Chen) was also greatly impacted by her boyfriend's death from a plane accident. She goes roaming around all over the place to cope with her grief. When the serious and stern SAM encounters the sensible and impulsive HOLLY, naturally the two would not get along. However as fate has it, the two comforted each other on the lost of their partners. SAM decided to end his traveling and joined Skylette Airlines. (aZnangel)
JAYDEN KOO (Chilam Cheung) is the celebrity captain of Skylette. Whether if its the personality or the work, JAYDEN is completely different from SAM, which causes several conflicts and disputes between the two. JAYDEN's younger sister SUMMER KOO (Myolie Wu) looks exactly like ZOE, which caused SAM to unconsciously treat her like family. SUMMER also respects SAM like an elder brother, which did make JAYDEN feel good. Meanwhile, ISSAC TONG (Ron Ng) is working at Skylette as well, he worships JAYDEN and developed a close brotherly relationship with him. ISSAC soon develops feelings for his sister SUMMER... ISSAC's good friend ROY không (Kenneth Ma) is faced with a relationship dilemma. ROY has a flight attendant girlfriend PINK WU (Rebecca Zhu), but also develops feelings for senior flight attendent HEATHER FONG (Elena Kong)... (aZnangel)
HOLLY leaves London and goes to Hong Kong, where she successfully enrolls in Skylette's pilot training courses. The playboy pilot JAYDEN immediately started pursuing HOLLY and at the same time, HOLLY saw a shadow of her late boyfriend in JAYDEN, thus the two quickly became a couple... SAM accidentally discovers HOLLY owns the same Triangel doll that ZOE had, but it was just a coincidence that ZOE gave Triangel to HOLLY before her passing...

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