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By motminh07

Chinese Title: 愛 · 回家
English Title: Come Home Love
Vietnamese Title: Mái Ấm Gia Đình
Genre: Modern/Drama/Comedy/Sitcom
Producer: Tsui Yu On (Return of the Cuckoo, Virtues of Harmony, Links to Temptation)
Episodes: 180
Costume Fitting Date: 7th March 2012


Lau Dan
Florence Kwok
Chris Lai Lok Yi
Tsui Wing
Yvonne Lam
Joey Law
Queenie Chu
Angel Chiang
Carlos Ng
Matthew Ko

MA FU (Lau Dan), a retired employee of the HK Correctional Services Department, moved back to live with his son after retirement. MA FU treats and disciplines everyone in his family as if they were the offenders he works with in his job. His youngest son MA CHONG (Chris Lai) feels like he's in jail when he gets home, and his father is even often involved with his job as a paralegal. The father and son get into disputes daily and his elder brother MA KEUNG (Tsui Wing) and his wife LO LAI SEUNG (Yvonne Lam) are often stuck in between and have to settle the disputes. The couple also holds the heavy responsibility of raising their kids. Three generations in the MA family all live together and encounter different situations, experiences and system of values.


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