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By yaiba1008
#503230 Truyện ngắn tiếng anh

Born in the year of the Cat

My sign is the Cat. I actually liked cats. When I was a child I preferred cats to dogs. Cats and kittens were always so cute that I tried to caress them or put them in my laptop against all warnings of possible diseases by seniors when I was alone with them. Fortunately, I have never contracted any illnesses from these pets.
Later on , It struck me to a daze when the first time I had learned that the cycle of Chinese zodiac does not have the sign of the Cat; instead the Rabbit is what the origin of our long term employed lunar calendar, still revered by today’s people in the countryside, included in this zodiac. This fact revealed blew me off toward the side of what like a nondescript personal feeling. It is now still hard to interpret that feeling. Does it feel like the first disillusion to a devotee? How do children in the West feel when they first know that Santa Claus’s sqeezing down the chimney to deliver gifts is just a hoax? I have been thus since wondering.
The truth is that I began to lose interest in cats, somewhat even a little of an aversion to them. More to that could have been my adult lifestyle at the twist and turn of time too, as I began to drink alcohol and of course tried all kinds of recipes. Dog meat and cat meat were exotic for me then.
The most destructible prejudice came sometime later when I learned the English word “ copycat” . I could no longer kept myself unbiased; everything associated with the word copycat lured me into vitriolic slander, impugn and libel...! No matter how ingenuous or honest a man was, if he was a copycat in any field, I assumed that he was bad and despicable. The copycat singer Elvis Phương who imitated Elvis Presley, Carol Kim/ Carol King; the current copycat TV shows of American Idol, Who wants to be a millionaire, The Price is right, Dance with the stars and what to come later....were in my repertoire of animosity.
I am seriously working toward the path of spirituality to purge off that bad karma. I hope that deep vigil meditation and Dharma learning will soon cure.

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