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By Cob
By tinhlacat_catvuilapem
#351919 Hi everybody. My name is Yen Ngoc Nguyen. Iam 14 and I go to Luong The Vinh School at Thai Binh. My best friend is Hao. She very very kind(sure).I have a older brother. He study very well and now he is learning in Hoc vien tai chinh school.

(tiếng Anh của em cũng ho giỏi nên chỉ giới thiệu đơn giản như vậy thôi)
By hungviet99
Từ nhiệm

Resignation from Voluntary Position
Dear ___,
Please accept this as my formal notice of resignation as _(type of position)_ with _(Name of Association)_. It is with great regret that this resignation has had to come about, but unfortunately my other commitments have now taken precedence over the time that is required to continue with my obligations as (type of position). Effective _(date)_, I do hereby officially resign my responsibilities as _(type of position)_ for _(Name of Association)_.
I'd like to add that my experience as a member of _(Name of Association)_ has been very rewarding. It's been a pleasure working with all the members of this association and I appreciate the opportunity to have been able to serve on the Board of Directors.
I wish you all continued success.
If at any time I find that I am once again able to commit to this association, I will most certainly contact you.


By theend19862000
#351922 hello, My name's Nguyen Quynh, i'm 24 years old. i am studying progammer at CNCAptech Center in hcm city. But my english is so bad, so i come here and hope better. Nice to meet every body. Thank you
By Seward
#351923 Good morning(/afternoon/ evening). My name's Phượng. I'm 20 years old. Now I'm third years student of IT in HP. I live in HP with my familỵ There are 4 people in my family: My parent , I and my brother. My family is very happy.

I like red, music , winter and I love my family, my friend , DBSK and YunHo
By Venjamin
#351924 Hi, my name's QT, i'm 19 years old. I love studying English. In free times, i like reading picture books, playing online games, listening to music... and so on. I like pink, violet. My family has 4 members: dad, mom, I and my little brother.

Nice to meet u
By baochungtinh_timnguoithuychung
#351925 Hello.My name is Tran Vu Diem Hang.I'm fourteen years old. I live in Duc Pho_ Quang Ngai. I'm a student in Nguyen Nghiem High school. I am in 8B.My family have five people : my parents, my sister, my brother, and me

hj` kien thuc TA cua em chi co han nen chi viet duoc co vay thoi mong may pac thong cam . Va Thank vi da doc bai viet cua em .
By thanhphuong_11788
#351928 Introduction

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself to yọu. I'm Ngoc Lan. I'm 24 and I live in Vinh Phuc province. There are five members in my family: my parents, my two older sisters and me. I'm the youngest child. My parents are both retired. My two elder sisters are currently in Hanoi with their own families. Last but not least, it is me. I work for Phuc Yen college of industry in Vinh Phuc province as a librarian. I like learning English, chatting with my friends on the telephone and surfing the internet. I hate dogs most as I was bitten by two dogs at the same time when I was a child. I like to make friend with everyone domestically and internationally.
By kiet198722
#351929 hello
i'm tung.i'm 15 and i live on HUNG YEN province.i have a happy family.All members of my family love me and i think i'll do everything for them.in my freetime i usually listen to music and sometime i watch TV.going abroad is my dream.so i think this forum can Giúp me.
my knowledge was arranged in pre-inter
and i hope all members of this forum Giúp me.!

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