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By tctuvan
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Ai có mẫu cho mình tham khảo với, Thank :hello:
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By daigai
#881271 Try this out

What subject you like best in school

The subject I like best in school is geography and the subject I hate is arithmetic. Even from my younger day, I have been longing to know more about other countries and the people who live there.

Geography teaches me not only about my own country but also the neighouring countries and the world in general. From what I have studied, I have a longing to see London, Paris, New-York and Tokyo. I have heard much about Mount Fujiyama, the snow-capped mountain of Japan. I also want to see Japan during the cherryblossom season. I want to see New-York and its sky-scrapers.

Geography interests me because without visiting these places I learn about them in books. For pupils like me who are poor and cannot afford to visit these places, the knowledge of geography is all the most useful. It is perhaps the second best means of knowing more about other countries.
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