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By vampire_princess_1997
#204205 Mình rất thích học tiếng anh và rất muốn nâng cao khả năng tiếng anh, do vậy mình rất muốn các bạn trong diễn đàn giúp mình sửa lỗi tiếng anh trong bài viết của mình. Mình rất Thank các bạn.

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By Morris
#204208 Today is monday. The first day of week. We incluđe Nice Huyen, Huyen Dang, Trang, 2 Linh, Giang and me. We went to Kichi kichi restaurent.
We agreed with each othẻ that we were in the front of the Nice Huyen house at 6 pm. At 6:04, I was there but noone was there. I called Huyen then she went out of here house. For 5 minutes after that Huyen Dang came there. We had to waite for remained members. While we were waiting, we chatted. Huyen Dang talked a lot. It seemed she never stop. But I like that. I want to become someone like her. She is very confident.
At 6:30 We all were there. At 6:40, we were at the restaurent. It''s very clean. The first time I cam there. We went to floor 2. Woa. the environment is very warm. May be by the red lamps. I like them.
We sat together and ate a lot. But unluckily, my stomach was not good, I only ate vegetable and mushroom, sometimes ate meat.
While we were eating, a very handsome man came. oh my godness. No words can expres my feeling. Woa. I seem to stop to eat. Woa. I looked at him. Woa. He is tall, handsome. his nose is high. his voice is warm .Today is the best day.Woa. I wished I could go with him. This moment I thought if I had beenHuyen Dang, I would have come his place and asked to take a photo with him. But I couldn''t. I guest he is American. And his friend is handsome, too.
While I looked at him, my friend took photos. they were full and this time for them was coming. They took a lot.
At the end of the party. the bill came. Over 900.000 VND.He He. It was expensive. We had to go home. But I didn''t want to.Because the man who stole my heart still was there. Poor me.

By gia_bang
#204211 - restaurant
- she went out of her house
- After 5 minutes she came there... cho for chi nữa làm j, lủng củng ra
- While nên dùng 2 vế chia Ving nhưng như thế lặp chủ ngữ. Hem hay. Ấy nên dùng thế này : When waiting for them, we chatted... gì đó
- came chứ hem phải cam... cố gắng đánh máy để ý hơn nhé
- guess hem phải guest...
Mấy lỗi cơ bản. Còn ấy dùng nhiều câu đơn qá nghe như văn nói ý ^^. Cố gắng hơn nhé... Mình đi ngủ đây :(

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