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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
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PART I: Introduction
1. Rationale
Nowadays, English is one of the most widely used languages in the world
and plays an important role together with the development of society and
technologies. English is not only an effective means of communication but
also show its progressive effects in many aspects of life. As an English
majored student, study on the similarities and differences between the two
languages and cultures, English and Vietnamese has been one of my concerns
when studying at university. There are many differences between two
languages, they are differences in grammar, lexicology, translation, phonetics
and so on. However, there still exist plenty of similarities and differences
between English and Vietnamese that can be demonstrated through
metaphorical meaning especially in literature, idioms expression.
The research of English idioms has been traditionally associated with the
study of literature, the use of idioms and is not restricted to this kind of
language. A perfect understanding of how idioms are used in daily life
language is not only important for English students to improve their
vocabulary, but also to understand new and original idioms when we hear and
use them in daily life.
But, what the author wants to express here is that idioms are the precious
treasure of national languages that is the key to Giúp learners know about
nation, as well as custom and culture of each country all over the world.
Therefore, it is the motivation to me to study idioms relating people
description that have made a deep expression on me for a long time because,
the author herself find it so interesting and useful. Most languages make use
of idioms but the way individual words used varies from one language to
another and each language has its own system and that they cannot always
transfer the metaphorical use of a word from one language to another.
Idioms Giúp learners see the interest, the beauty as well as the cultural color of
language which Giúp us use and understand correctly and clearly. The author
hopes that learners will understand about idioms and proverbs in English
special idioms relating to people description that is also the main reason
motivating me to implement this research.
2. Scope of the study
During the researching process, the author sees that English idioms, proverbs
and expression about people description are an interesting subject. Idioms and
proverbs are a treasure of each country. Because of its immensity, what know
about them is very little. Due to time allowance and limited knowledge, the
author cannot cover all idioms on these issues, this study only focuses on
idioms describing people description, typical idioms about people’s
appearance, people’s moods and people’s characters.
3. Aims of the study
Idioms are extremely difficult topic and merely well-understand by foreign
English learners and even if native speakers of English who take the idioms
and proverbs for granted because when they use idioms, they do not know
what they are using them. However, appreciate the idioms associated to
attitude and behavior of the speakers. So when they hear foreigners make
grammatical or pronunciation mistakes, they are quite willing to accept and
understand them, they might not understand what that person means and that
leads to a misunderstanding and boring conversation. Therefore, my study is
aimed at:
 Clarifying meanings of English idioms expressing.
 Helping the learners use right idioms in right situations.
 Comparing and contrasting the meaning and usage of some certain
English idioms about people description with Vietnamese ones to find the
similarities and differences, so that readers can understand more about
culture, society, as well as people of these two countries.
4. Methods of the study
In order to study English idioms relating to people description and
Vietnamese equivalence better, with a hope that learners could see the role of
idioms in life, the following methods are used in the studying process:
 The first is to having discussion with the supervisor, experts and
 Besides, idioms were collected from dictionary and other sources of
information to get valuable knowledge for this paper.
 Finally, the author will analyze and compare these idioms.
5. Design of the study
This paper gives a clear and brief organization including three main parts that
contribute to an easy understanding and practical benefits gained for readers:
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Development
 Chapter 1: Theoretical background on English idioms; some
definitions of idioms, how idioms versus compounds, proverbs
 Chapter 2: English idioms describing people. In this chapter, some
certain idioms are analyzed according to people’s appearance, people’s moods
and people’s characters.
 Chapter 3: Some difficulties for learners of English in studying
idioms describing people, suggested solutions and exercises for practice.
Part 3: Conclusion
- Conclusion which summaries and restates the issues mentioned
through three chapters above.
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