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Hình đại diện của thành viên
By daigai
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Did you know?
■ People have ‘miraculously’ recovered from critical illnesses such
as cancer, and have overcome severe disabilities, simply though
sheer willpower – their brain’s control over their body.
■ You can affect ‘automatic’ bodily processes like your temperature
and heart beat, physical health and athletic performance solely
through the power of your thoughts. In 1970, an Indian yogi,
Swami Rama, caused two areas a couple of inches apart on his
right hand to change temperature, in opposite directions. The
rate of the temperature change was about 2°C (4°F) per minute,
and he was able to maintain the change until there was a
temperature difference of 5°C (10°F)
■ The tennis player Billie Jean King was considered by her
opponents to be almost unbeatable once she had mentally
‘programmed’ her body to win, despite the fact that there was no
particular physical area in which she was superior to everybody
In this book I will acquaint you with the awesome power and potential
of your body and mind.
When I was a young boy at school, I found myself perplexed and
confused by many questions to which I found I had no answer, and
demotivated by comments from my teachers that seemed to confirm
my lack of intelligence, concentration and energy.
My unanswered questions included the following:
■ Why were things like geography, history, English and science
considered more important than sports, art and music?
■ Why was it that some boys (whom we all considered brilliant)
were thought by our teachers to be disruptive and stupid, while
some boys whom we thought to have no common sense at all,
were considered bright by our teachers?
■ Why would I sometimes get a lower mark in a test in which I
knew I knew more than other students who, for some
inexplicable reason got higher marks than me?
■ Conversely, why would I sometimes get a higher mark in a test
an someone whom I knew knew more than me?
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