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By daigai
Hình đại diện của thành viên
By cnjuding
#987329 tui thích nhạc Rap

I Love Rap Music

From Rap's humble beginnings as music African American slaves made to make life on the hot plantations better to today's Multi-Million dollar moguls Rap has sure come a long way. I love Rap Music. There is no other way to put it. Everyone has a right to his own likes and dislikes of a particular music genre. That is not to say that I don't like other types of music. I just prefer Rap music.

One reason that I love Rap Music is because it elevates my concentration when I am working out. When I am trying to surpass my personal best in any exercise, all I have to do is listen to a motivational type of Rap Music and I am able to focus better. I remember a time when I was attending a High School track practice. I was at a plateau with my leg press, all of a sudden I hear a Rap tune on the radio, and I was able to lift ten pounds more than my previous personal best leg press. I knew at that point that Rap Music was a friend that I would hold near and dear for many years to come.

Another reason I love Rap Music is because Rap is very easy to dance to. The beats and lyrics are also very catchy. While I am dancing, Rap Music helps put me in a mood to have fun. It is amazing how many people were drawn together in unison just to groove to the new Will Smith Rap song "Men in Black". Rap Music also helps me to get closer to attractive woman that I may see at club. These days there aren't many clubs I go to that does not play Rap Music. I guess I can say that Rap Music has a conductive force. First, it help's my mood, and in turn is easy to dance to, that helps me maybe even meet an attractive woman. What a deal!

A big reason that I love Rap Music is the fact that I compose my own personal tunes. I have written over a hundred songs. For example, I wrote a tune called; "My time will come". This song deals with the journey of life. It also includes some of my successes and failures. I have been an amateur artist for about ten years. I compose for a hobby and just try to nurture my talent. Hopefully I will bloom one day.

Lastly, I love Rap Music because of the inner connection I feel with some of the lyrics in Rap Music. Music in general has the ability to make people come together. With all the racism and destruction in the world Rap Music can be an equal platform that all people can enjoy and have in common. With Rap Music Race and Gender don't matter; all that does matter is the love and dedication to the art. The famed late great Rhythm and Blues singer Marvin Gaye once said, "Music is my heart and soul, more precious than gold". I couldn't agree more with these words more.

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Why Music is Important to Me
Music is the third most important thing to me in life outside of god and my mom. Music keeps me balanced. Every since I was a baby music was played around me. Jazz was always played around me to soothe me. There would be times when I would be really hyper acting like I couldn't sleep, my mom would put on some jazz and I would be fine. A lot of times I can have a long chore and I say to my self how can I accomplish this, Knowing it will take me forever. So I'll put on some jazz music and in twenty-five minutes I'm finished.
A lot of times I can have a long tiring day and I want something that will soothe me. And jazz music does it every time. Every time I through on a tape within one minute I forget what I was made about or what's bothering me and I either fall asleep or I start my next chore and move on to something else I had planned on accomplishing (Carlos P.46).
People ask me "what's the big deal with me and music", and I tell them plain and simple. When I listen to music I let the song drown my problem. If the song has a positive message then I don't have a problem listening to it. I can't listen to a song that's talking about killing people especially after someone has just made me mad. Of-course in music there is a lot more than just the song that A listen to I listens to the beat. I will listen to instrumentals, but if there is a guy raping to swing music then that will totally change the way I think of rap. I'm not saying that a person can't rap to swing music but if you listen to music for fifteen years with a similar beat or rhythm then when you hear it with something else even though it's still music it just won't sound right.
The reason I chose rap was because I had this disc Double Up by Mase. The chorus of the song said if you love me I love you if you have me I'll hate you if you ride for me I ride for you, but if you [email protected] me I'll [email protected] you(Mase) I truly believe in the golden rule. I also believe in helping others, and I totally believe that in some ways music helps us. For instance, when you're going throw trials and tribulations you don't want someone telling that you can't make it, or some music playing that just rubs your problems in your face. You want some soothing music that will at least bring some balance back into your life. Every one was born to be free and music is a style of expression. You can either express the way you feel or and get out of that trap or you can just drown in your problems playing sorry blues. All my life I worked with music and I realize that music is a difficult but beautiful thing that people should take more time to appreciate.
And in life theirs nothing I can relate to more than music. Some doctors and lawyers can't Giúp me but music can.
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