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By tctuvan
#942088 ExEcutivE summary: viEtnam
Background and introduction
thE digital landscapE: adoption,
audiEncE profilE and connEctEd dEvicE ownErship
cross-mEdia consumption pattErns
vidEo contEnt consumption
online video consumption
video on demand (vod): tv and movie consumption
cross-scrEEn EngagEmEnt and social tv
advErtising EngagEmEnt and prEfErEncEs
appEndicEs: dEtailEd dEmographic taBlEs

The rise of time spent online is transforming media consumption habits and
driving greater engagement with content throughout the day.
The digital landscape has undergone tremendous change in the past few
years. We have entered a ‘new’ new media environment with the arrival of
smartphones and tablets, the mainstream adoption of social media and the
delivery of video content via the online channel. Consumers will gravitate
toward “content convenience”, highlighting the importance of cross-media
and cross-platform content and marketing strategies to maximise both reach
and resonance.

Consumers’ increasing cross-media and cross-platform behaviours, and
the convergence of physical and digital worlds, means no one media can be
viewed on its own. This study of cross-platform behaviours and attitudes
follows the digitally engaged consumer and their content consumption
habits; across media, screens and devices.
The Vietnam Cross-Platform Report 2014 delivers a comprehensive view of
current media behaviour among digitally-engaged consumers. This report will
inform your strategy and practice for today; and provide a sign post to Giúp
you look and think ahead to plan for tomorrow.
Four key themes are highlighted in this year’s study.
1. Rising connectivity is dRiving behaviouRal change
There are now three mainstream connection devices: desktops, laptops
and smartphones. Ownership of smartphones and laptops has followed a
steep growth curve since 2011 and both devices are now in the hands of the
majority of online consumers (82% and 81% respectively). During the same
time desktop ownership remained flat (75%) while tablets are now in 35
percent of online consumers’ homes. New connected devices are emerging
such as connected TVs; but consumption of online content via these screens
is extremely low.
Both smartphones and laptops have seen rapid adoption as facilitators of
content and interaction, surpassing desktops for online access and growing
more than three-fold as the connected devices most often used by online
consumers in Vietnam.
More consumers are connected at any given point of the day than ever
before. Former dominant media are now in the shadows of online media
consumption among Vietnam’s digitally engaged consumers. Digital media is
also helping to extend the media day into the late evening with close to six in
10 (58%) digital consumers still online after 10pm.
The desire for more content options is driving consumers to source online-
delivered content that was traditionally the domain of TV, print and radio
media, to access content on connected devices that afford anytime, anywhere
access, and to embrace new platforms such as social media, that offer high
utility and access to unique forms of content and interaction.
Consumers can source the content they want in the way that is easiest for
them, resulting in a more complex combination of media journeys across
different channels, devices, screens and platforms. While this is more
challenging to follow, it delivers marketers with greater opportunity for “right
place – right time – right screen” tactics throughout the journey, and across
a broader range of marketing environments. It also highlights the importance
of creating content that is easy to find, easy to share and easy to digest.
3. online video consumption is on the Rise
Internet-sourced TV content has grown in adoption; 67 percent of online
Vietnamese now watch internet TV as conventional TV habits are shifting.
Online video consumption is growing steadily among the total population, but
most rapidly among young consumers. More than nine in 10 16–20 year olds
(94%) and 21–29 year olds (93%) access video content through online sources
on a weekly basis or more often.
The rise in mobile and portable devices is driving video consumption,
facilitating more access occasions for rich content. Video consumption via
mobile phone and tablet has seen massive growth since 2011, of an extremely
low base.
4. theRe is a gRoundswell of consumeR contRol and
“Lean back” is no longer the behaviour of the majority of media consumers.
They are exercising their choice of how, when and where they can obtain their
content, information, and experiences, and are more active in their media
habits than ever before. This is evidenced not only by the increasing adoption
and use of new and more media devices, but also in consumers’ cross-media
consumption behaviour. Dual-screening has become routine and triple-
screening has emerged. We are moving to a world of everything-on-demand,
of borderless media; and as consumers continue to embrace online media
it is providing them with increasing control and choice over their media

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