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By khanh_alexander
#162933 Là một người vừa từng học hỏi được rất nhiều từ những posts từ thời (gian) xa xưa của EC (nhiều bài viết tâm huyết và ít CLB hơn bây giờ), mình gửi tặng các bạn bài viết này. Hy vọng sẽ giúp ích được phần nào cho các bạn đang học tiếng Anh

I have been asked many times what the best way to learn English is. While it seems universal that there’s no best way to do anything, I’d share with you my way:

Have a realistic approach that works for YOU.

I could never endure reading a passage, underlining new words, autograph them on a list and reviewing them at least once daily. It’s recommended somewhere and I’ve tried it and it was like hell. There’s nothing wrong with that approach and definitely nothing wrong with me. It just didn’t work for me. The trick is always to find a way that makes the learning pleasurable and pain-free for you so that it doesn’t seem like a daunting task that you’d always try to put off. A simple way to know what works for you is

• List your hobbies e.g. reading, movies, sports, fashion …

• Incorporate English (or whatever language you’re learning for that matter) in those activities

* if you love reading, read books in English - it can be fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines and even celebrity gossips
* if you love movies, watch movies in English with subtitles (preferably in English so that you can learn new words, practice speaking and listening all at the same time)
* even if you love a Korean band (like my little cousin), read news about your band in English, join a fan forum and start discussing things or offering to translate news into Vietnamese for Vietnamese fan forum (as she does) --- you can apply this practice to almost anything from music to sports to fashion
* ...

• Try it out for yourself and see if it works for YOU. If it doesn’t, go do something else until you find it.

I was lucky to find out my way around English doing all the stuffs I love.

• I watch movies + TV series in English. The source is widely available and I enjoy every single moment of it while learning huge on slang, expressions and new words

• I read in English. Well, I have to read for info anyway so I try to read in English as much as possible. It now has been my habit. It also offers wealth of information and knowledge than any other language. I subscribe to newsletters and blogs so I can be on top of areas I’m interested in. I also read for pleasure, keeping myself posted on new fashion trends, make-up styles which I enjoy tremendously.

• I write in English, such as this post. I learn a lot composing words. While I know I can’t be perfect, I still look up every word or expression or phrasal verb that I’m going to use. It surprises me how I have misunderstood many words and Giúp me learn the correct way of saying things really fast. I can’t emphasise how autograph has made my English better.

You can be good at things you don’t like but you can only be great at whatever you do if you love it. So find out what you love and mix it with your learning English. You will be surprised by what it would eventually lead you to.

So, what do you think about this approach? Throw in your questions and concerns and I’ll try to get back asap.


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