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#886738 Nắm vững cách phát âm 44 âm chính trong tiếng Anh, bạn phát âm chuẩn sẽ giúp phát âm, nghe tiếng anh dễ dàng
Lưu ý: Phát âm Thật chuẩn

American English phonemes and 4 accepted attenuated sounds. Part of what makes English difficult to apprentice is that anniversary letter in the alphabet can represent added than one sound. Plus, back the alphabet abandoned has 26 belletrist yet represents 44 sounds, abounding English phonemes are represented by two or three belletrist alive calm to represent one sound. Thus, acquirements aloof the alphabet sounds would be an abridged access to acquirements English. This video simplifies the American English cipher by accouterment aloof one clear attribute (via a distinct letter OR bifold or amateur letter team) for anniversary of the 44 phonemes and 4 blends. With this ability alone, anyone can phonetically address down any English word. However, for abounding words, the spelling would be incorrect. The Montessori teacher, Muriel Dwyer, acclimated a agnate phonetic access to advice her acceptance apprentice to address languages alike afore they abstruse to apprehend them.

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