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By daigai
#882884 I would like to know more about the placement of "also" within a sentence. Are there specific rules that can Giúp me know where to place "also"?

Which of the following sentences is correct and why?

"I would also like to thank XYZ" or

"I would like to also thank XYZ"


"Also" usually comes before the main verb or after the verb BE.

For example:

I saw Rachel yesterday, and I also talked with Todd.

We are also available through e-mail.

He is a writer. He also sings very well.

My brother has also taken this exam.

Now, regarding your example sentences:

"I would also like to thank XYZ"

"I would like to also thank XYZ"

Some people object to using adverbs between "to" and the base form of the verb (sentence 2). (This is called "split infinitive.")

But otherwise, these basically have very similar meanings

Câu trả lời là tương tự nhau về nghĩa, nhưng qua bài này ta cũng hiểu được cách sử dụng dụng also
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