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By Napier
#135654 các bạn cho mình hỏi 3 loại bằng trên thì bằng nào dễ thi đậu hơn, trình độ cái nào cao hơn, và xu hướng bây h tất cả người hay thi bằng nào nhất. Merci

à quên, mình tiếng anh rất gà, từ nhỏ đến lớn chưa học tiếng anh trên trường bao h, nhưng cũng có biết chút chút nhưng mấy năm nay không xài đến cũng quên gần hết rồi. Vậy nếu mình tự học (cường độ vừa fai, không fai học ngày học đêm) thì có tiềm năng đậu ko, hay đành fai đi ôn ở trung tâm? (lưu ý là mình rất có năng khiếu học ngoại ngữ hí hí)
By hoahuongduong02j
#135660 Hey guys,

Read this

Which is Better: the TOEFL or the IELTS?
For many years, the TOEFL has remained the exam preferred by most U.S. institutions for measuring the English language skills of potential students from non-English speaking countries. Worldwide, this hasn't been the case. Another test, the IELTS, has been the exam required by most other English-speaking countries, including Britain and Australia, and is often considered to be the only test that can compete with the TOEFL in the United States. The appeal of the IELTS
With its live, one-on-one component, The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is viewed by many as a superior exam for evaluating the spoken English skills of potential students. Until recently, the TOEFL had no such component and many of the countries requiring the IELTS felt that a speech component to an English proficiency exam was crucial. Whether or not the IELTS is a better exam really seems to be a matter of opinion. However, its acceptance as an assessment tool has grown in the United States in recent years. In addition to the TOEFL, more than 800 U.S. schools now accept the IELTS as well.. For the most part, the choice of which test to take is up to you. The TOEFL catches up
So, which test is better? It depends on who you ask! Some schools remain firmly devoted to the IELTS and its interactive, personalized-speech format. On the other hand, the TOEFL gained some ground globally when it introduced its Internet-based test format with a new recorded speech portion. With both tests now offering the ability to test spoken language, and the TOEFL spreading its Internet-based testing ability across the globe, the TOEFL has seen upward spikes in number of users in various parts of the world. What do you need?
Internet-based testing is a feat that is just beginning for the IELTS. However, many test prep and coaching companies exist worldwide that prepare students for the current IELTS format (which is expected to stay around for at least a few more years.) The new TOEFL, on the other hand, has coaching companies stumped for now. Certainly, both tests offer sample materials to potential test-takers, but if you can prep for one with a professional test coach, you may prefer the IELTS as long as the schools you're applying to will accept it. Talking the talk
As far as speech evaluation goes, there is no definitive rule on which test is better. Some say the individualized IELTS format is great, while others think there's a potential for bias and an even greater chance of inconsistency in scoring due to individual nuances of the examiners. Critics of the IELTS believe that the panel review of recorded speech for the TOEFL is a more accurate, less biased mechanism for evaluation. The choice is probably yours
Ultimately, the test you take will probably be guided by which test your choice schools request. If both are acceptable, availability of testing locations and cost will probably play a significant role in your decision. Both tests have websites that can answer many of your questions and which maintain up-to-date news on the progression of their Internet-based test expansions. For most testing dates and locations, you can register online as well as access sample test materials and tips on how to do your best.TOEFL Equivalency TableUpdated:
By duongthang_2004
#135707 Theo mình thì ca 3 cái không thể nói cái nào dễ hơn hay khó hơn vì bạn định thi cái nào thì học về cái đó thôi.Nhưng theo minh thi nên học IELTS vì được nhiều nước công nhân hơn và 1 số trườngở Mĩ cũng công nhận
By meocon80cc
#135937 ielts is known world wide which is the reason why it would be better to get that certificate. IELTS has been approved by the USA now. Also I find IELTS much easier than TOEFL, cos all the skills are separated so clearly. TOEFL is really too hard in so many ways, and also a bitch to teach for so many teachers cos the vocabulary is just so technical to the extend that if you're a scientist you wouldn't find it difficult if you read sth that's about respiration of plants. But otherwise you'd struggle. IELTS is a lot more down to earth. Just the speaking and autograph might be difficult if you don't know how it works but once someone has shown you then you'll be just fine.

here's a poster of IELTS CNR if you ever need Giúp with English, be it the speaking or autograph test or even the 4 skills.

HOpe it's gonna be to some use to you xxx

Ielts Autograph and Speaking
By Swain
#136102 theo mình, bạn cứ học Toefl, vì nó có giá trị toàn cầu, còn nếu bạn chỉ thích đi Châu Âu thì không nhất thiết lấy Toefl , lấy IELTs hay Toeic cho dễ hơn. chúc vui
By hllc_yeuanh
cho mình hỏi thêm, mình muốn thi cao học, trình độ toefl 400, mà mình còn 3 tháng nữa, trình độ anh văn của mình rất kém, vậy mình nên học ở đâu cho kịp, mình rất gấp, thank

Mình vừa từng học ở Ila và được biết nó luyện toefl trong vòng 10 tuần nếu bạn ở trình độ (intermediate trở lên)

Mình hiện đang học ở Seameo luyện toefl chất lượng , giá không cao mà bạn cần 400 chắc không lâu đâu
By ss2.virus
#136531 Hi ca nha! Minh la linh mới!

Theo minh biết thì toeic chỉ có nghe và đọc. Nghe 100 câu và đọc hiểu 100 câu. Làm xong là choáng luôn. Nếu tiếng anh đang ở trình độ B thì có thể làm được 500!
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