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By mainhomotnguoi_1992
#134190 plz = please

IC = I see

4u = fou you

u =you

asl = age, sex ,location

afk = away from keyboard

bbl = be back later

kkz = okay

ttyl = talk to you later

lv a mess = leave a message

gtg = gotta go

noe = know

OIC = oh I see

PPL = people

sup = what’s up

wan2tlk = want to talk?

wkd = weekend

dts = dont think so

cul8r = see you later

aas = alive and smiling

gf = girlfriend

g2g = got to go

ga = go ahead

ilu = i love you

rme = rolling my eyes

ss = so sorry

spk = speak

stw = search the web

thx = thanks

tc = take care

sul = see you later

gol = giggling out loud

hru = how are you

ybs = you’ll be sorry

wuf? = where are you from?

bc = because

bbl = be back later

otb = off to bed

np = no problem

nbd = no big deal

tam = tomorrow A.M

tu = thank you

bf = boy friend

b4 = before

wtg = way to go

brb — be right back

btw — by the way

cya — see ya

gmta — great minds think alike

imho — in my humble opinion

irl — in real life

rotfl — rolling on the floor laughing, like this

ttfn — ta ta for now

ttyl — talk to you later

wb — welcome back

gg = good game

lmao = laugh my ass off

wtf? : what the ****?

coz: cause

nmjc: nothing much just chilling

g2g: get to go

g9: good night

ty = thank you

wth= what the heck

14AA41 - one for all and all for one

1-D-R - I wonder

121 - one to one

411 - information


AAF - as a friend

AAK - alive and kicking

AAMOF - as a matter of fact

AAR - at any rate

AAS - alive and smiling

AATK - always at the keyboard

ABT2 - about to

AFAIK - as far as I know

AFK - away from keyboard

AFN - that’s all for now

AKA - also known as

AISI - as I see it

ALOL - actually laughing out loud

AND - any day now

AOTA - all of the above

ASAP - as soon as possible

ASL - age, sex, location

ASLMH - age, sex, location, music, hobbies

AYOR - At Your Own Risk

AYSOS - are you stupid or something

AYT - Are You There


B4N - bye for now

BAG - busting a gut

BAK - back at the keyboard

BBBG - bye bye be good

BBIAB - be back in a bit

BBIAF - be back in a few

BBIAS - be back in a sec

BBL - be back later

BBML - be back much later

BBN - bye bye now

BBS - be back soon

BBSL- be back sooner or later

BCNU - I’ll be seeing you

BD - big deal

BEG - big evil grin

BF - boyfriend

BFF - best friends forever

BFN - bye for now

BG - big grin

BIOYN - blow it out your nose

BKA - better known as

BL - belly laughing

BR - best regards

BRB - be right back

BRH - Be Right Here

BRT - be right there

BTA - but then again

BTHOOM - beats the heck out of me

Btw - between you and me

BTW - by the way


CNP :continued (in my) next post

CRTLA : can’t remember the three letter acronym

CSL : can’t stop laughing

CU :see you

CUL or CUL8ER: see you later

CUNS :see you in school

CUOL :see you online

CUZ : because

CWYL : chat with you later

CYA : see ya

CY : calm yourself

CYL : see you later

CYO : see you online

CYT : see you tomorrow


DBEYR : don’t believe everything you read

DEGT : don’t even go there

DETI : don’t even think about it

DF : dear friend

DGA: don’t go anywhere

DGT: don’t go there

DIKU: do I know you?

DKDC : don’t know don’t care

DL : dead link

DLTM : don’t lie to me

DMI : don’t mention it

DUST : did you see that


E123 : easy as 123

EAK: eating at Keyboard

EM? : excuse me?

EMA: what is your E-mail address

EOM : end of message

EOT: end of thread

EZ : easy


FAQ: frequently asked question(s)

FAWC : for anyone who cares

FITB : fill in the blanks

FOAF : friend of a friend

FTBOMH : from the bottom of my heart

FWIW : for what it’s worth

FYI : for your information


GA : go ahead

GAL : get a life

GF: girlfriend

GFN : gone for now

GGOH : got to get out of here

GIWIST : gee, I wish I’d said that

GL : good luck

GMTA : great minds think alike

GG : got to go

GTG: got to go

GTRM : going to read mail

GTSY: glad to see you


HA: hello again

HAGD : have a good day

HAGD : have a great day

HAGN : have a good night

HB : hurry back

HTH : hope this helps

HHOK: ha ha only joking


IAC : in any case

IAE : in any event

IB : I’m back

IC : I see

ICBW : I could be wrong

IDGI : I don’t get it

IDK : I don’t know

IDKY: I don’t know you

IDTS : I don’t think so

IGTP : I get the point

IHNO : I have no opinion

IIRC : if I remember correctly

IIWM : if it were me

ILU : I love you

IM :instant message

IMO : in my opinion

IMS : I am sorry

INMP : it’s not my problem

IOH : i’m out of here

IOW : in other words

IRL : in real life

ISS : I said so

IYO : in your opinion

IYSS : if you say so

IYSWIM : if you see what I mean


J/C : just checking

JAS : just a sec

JIC : just in case

JK : just kidding

JMO : just my opinion

JT : just teasing

JTLYK : just to let you know

JW : just wondering


K : okay

KIT : keep in touch

KWIM : know what I mean?


L2M : listening to music

L8R : later

LMIRL : let’s meet in real life

LTNS : long time, no see

LY : love you

LYL : love you lots


M/F : male or female

MIHAP : may I have your attention please

MSG : message

MUSM : miss you so much


N1 : nice one

N2M : not to mention

NAZ : name, address, zip

NE1 : anyone

NE1 ER : anyone here?

NG: new game

NM : never mind

NOYB : not of your business

N/P : no problem

NRN : no reply necessary

NTK : nice to know

NT : no thanks

NW : no way!


ONNA : oh no, not again

OT : off topic

OTOH : on the other hand

OTP : On the phone

OTW : on the way


P2P : peer to peer

PLZ : please

Phần mềm : private message

POV : point of view

PPL “ people


RBAY : right back at you

RBTL : read between the lines

RU : are you?

RX : regards


SEP : somebody’s else’s problem

SH : same here

SMAIM : send me an instant message

SMEM : send me an E-mail

SOT : short of time

SOTMG : short of time, must go

SPST : same place same time

STW : search the web

STYS : speak to you soon

SU : shut up

SUP or WU : what’s up

SWDYT : so what do you think?

SYL : see you later

SYS : see you soon


TA : thanks again

TAFN : that’s all for now

TCOY : take care of yourself

THX : thanks

TIA : thanks in advance

TLK2UL8R : talk to you later

TMI : too much information

TNT : ‘till next time

TOM : tomorrow

TOY : thinking of you

TTG : time to go

TTTT : these things take time

TTYL : talk to you later

TU : thank you

TYVM : thank you very much


U-L? : you will?

UW : you’re welcome


WAD : without a doubt

WB : welcome back

WC : welcome

WC : who cares?

WC? : Webcam?

WDYS : what did you say?

WDYT : what do you think?

W/E : whatever

WUF : where are you from?

WWY : where were you?

WYRN : what’s your real name?

WYSIWYG : what you see is what you get


X-1-10 : exciting

XME : excuse me

XOXO : hugs and kisses


YDKM : you don’t know me

YHM : you have mail

YKW?: you know what?

YNK : you never know

YTTT : you telling the truth?

YVW : you’re very welcome

YWIA : you’re welcome in advance

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