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By girlgeneration_13
#130789 My immediate family is relatively small. There are four people in my family including my parents, my young brother and me. However, both of my parents come from an extended family. I have five aunts, six uncles and twenty cousins. So our family gathering are pretty chaotic but very fun. Even though we do not live together anymore, my family tie is very close-knit and still strong. There was not much sibling rival between us because we grow up under my parent’s stable upbringing. Being a first paternal grandson, I am responsible for making concession younger siblings. My parent touch us how to resolve the conflict in fair way.

I consider myself very lucky when born and grow up in my family. I recognized that I and my parental grandfather have had a striking resemblance in both physical and mental field. I saw my grandfather’s picture at my age and we quite alike. Moreover my solution in significant problem is similar with my parent, for I inherited my grandfather temperament.

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