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By dhuong21
#127878 Presenting in English - How to Give Successful Presentations

Author: Mark Powell

Published by: Thomson ELT

File size: 13.3 Mb

Pages: 128

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File type: PDF

Effective Presentation Skills

Author: LearnKey

Published by: LearnKey

File size: 310M

File type: ISO

Enhance your presentation skills and shine in any meeting with this friendly, concise LearnKey course based on the book Effective Presentation Skills by Steve Mandel. Learn everything you need to know to deliver a solid sales pitch or presentation with clarity, persuasiveness, and confidence. With this interactive training, you'll learn how to organize your thoughts and data for maximum impact, develop eye-catching visual aids and use effective body language.


• Effectively conduct question-and-answer sessions.

• Feel confident and self-assured during your presentation.

• Leave a lasting impression on your audience.


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