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By [email protected]
#90699 Em sưu tầm được đề này, thấy cũng hay nên post lên cho tất cả người cùng thử sức! Mong tất cả người bớt chút thời (gian) gian làm bài nhé!

1. My family _______ thinking of moving to Birmingham.

C.Cả hai đáp án đều đúng

2. We watched a _________ on TV last night.

A.war film
B.war's film
C.film of war

3. He was wearing _________ riding boots.

A.red old Spanish leather
B.old leather red Spanish
C.old red Spanish leather
D.Spanish red old leather

4. _______ he gets _________.

A.The richer, the more friends he has
B.Richer, more friends he gets
C.Rich, more he gets friends
D.The richer, the more he has friends

5. It's _______ if you take the train.

B.the quicker
D.the quickest
E.Đáp án 1 và 3 đều đúng

6. He _______ very annoying.

B.'s being
C.Cả hai đáp án trên đều đúng

7. That ______ be Roger at the door - it's too early.

D.Đáp án 1 và 3 đều đúng

8. At last, after three days, they _______ get to the top of the mountain.

B.managed to
C.succeeded to
D.were able to
E.Đáp án 2 và 4 đều đúng

9. It was crazy to drive like that. You _______ killed some body.

A.may have
B.might have
C.could have
D.can have
E.Đáp án 2 và 3 đều đúng

10. I wonder if John _________ this evening.

A.will phone

11. Who ______ you that ring?

A.'s given

12. He ________ quite different since he ______ married.

A.is, has got
B.has been, got
C.is, got
D.has been, has got

13. This is the first time I ________ a sports car.

A.'ve driven
B.'m driving

14. On her birthday _________________.

A.she was given a new car
B.a new car was given to her
C.Cả hai đáp án trên đều đúng

15. We can't use the sports hall yet because it _____________.

A.is still built
B.is still building
C.is still being built
D.still builds

16. I look forward _________ you soon.

C.to seeing
D.to see

17. If you have trouble going to sleep, try _______ a glass of milk before bedtime.

A.to drink

18. This is my friend Joe. I ______ met, have you?

A.don't think you have
B.think you haven't

19. How _____________ !

A.he works hard
B.hard he works

20. Câu nào trong các câu sau KHÔNG được dùng trong văn nói ?

A.Car's sunning badly.
B.Seen Peter?
C.Can't come in here, sorry.
D.Careful what you say.
E.Lost my glasses.
F.Have heard of her

21. Nobody phoned, did _______ ?

E.he or she

22. If you were ever in trouble, I would give you all the Giúp you ________.

A.will need
B.would need

23. My wife will be upset _________________.

A.if I don't get back tomorrow
B.unless I get back tomorrow.
C.Cả hai đáp án trên đều đúng

24. Tell me at once _______ Margaret arrives.

C.in case
D.Đáp án 1 và 2 đều đúng
E.Đáp án 2 và 3 đều đúng

25. It's time you _______ home, but I'd rather you ______ here.

A.go, stay
B.went, stayed
C.go, stayed
D.sent, stay

26. I wish I ______ more time.

B.would have
D.will have

27. John Hastings ________________, has just come to live in our street.

A.that I was at school with
B.I was at school with
C.with who I was at school
D.with whom I was at school

28. She keeps tapping her fingers, _______ gets on my nerves.

C.that which

29. Can you finish the job ______ Friday?


30. There's a supermarket ___________ our house.

A.in front of
D.Đáp án 1 và 2 đều đúng
E.Đáp án 2 và 3 đều đúng


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