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By leekireong
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Reasons to choose the topic

As we have knovvn, aquaculture industry is one of the most important Industries in Vietnam, ranking 4th position in top 10 largest export commodities of Vietnam in 2011. Products of this industry are exported to many countries in over the vvorỉd, and are accepted by most global consumers so that its export tumover increases year by year with the staggering growth rate from l billion U.S. dollars in 2000 to 3.6 billion dollars in 2007 and 6.1 billion dollars in 20ll, in which the seafood tumover was recorded the highest export value in two continuous year of 2010 and 2011 vvith exported quantity of 1.35 million tons, equivalent the tumover of 5.03 billion U.S. dollars, increasing 11.3% in terms of quantity and 18.4% in terms of value in comparison with the year 2009, and vvith 21% growth rate over 2010 to reach the tumover of 6.1 billion U.S. dollars, obtaiiiing 6.3% the total exports of the country. Particularly, catfísh Products reached the tumover of 1.8 billion dollars accounting for 30% total tumover of the aquaculture ndustry and 1.87% total export tumover of the entire country.

Neveitheless, the aquatic Processing industry is novv showing signs of decline and facing many threaU;: lawsuits on food hygiene and safety, sources and raw material prices are unpredictable, new seaíbod companies are joining into markets... and many challenges in integration trends of the local and intemational economy, vvhen Vietnam officially became the 150* member of the World Trade Center. Therefore, building a business strategy to guide business operation to achieve speciĩic targets, associated with utilizing limited resource to have appropriate organization structure and eíĩectiveness... is one of vital requirements for every enterprises, specially, for seafood export corporate like Hiep Thanh seafood joint stock company (HT Food) - a large company specialize seafood Processing for export in Vietnam.

In brief, business strategy plays an important role for businesses in market economy. There are manv ways to establish business strategies. However, to form a business strategy, which is suitable, eíĩicient and appropriate to each stage of
enterprise’s development, is complicated process. Because the business of aquaculture industry has been recently unpredictable and seasonal íluctuation, business strategies and its solutions should be analyzed and tbrmed careíully, and ílexibly adjust according to the reaỉity of market and the company's ability.

The topic “íbrming business development strategies of Hiep Thanh Seaíòod Joint Stock Company (HT Food) period 2012-2017, Vision 2022” is one of experimental studies of Group l after completing the course Strategic Management and other courses in Master of Business Administration Program.

Research objectives

In vievvs of the above concept, the topic is to concentrate on research basing on the following aspects.

• Real potential of the aquaculture industry currently and next years

• The Company’s situation, competitiveness on diíĩerent aspects

• Risk factors affect Hiep Thanh Company Scope of the research

The topic comes from actual operations of the company which is facing a lot of challenges: increasingly fierce competition inside of the industry and in íbreign markets; input materials’ íluctuation both in quantity and price, unpredictable market’s consumption. On the other hands, the company’s resources are limited. His íinancial resource is tight and has not enough for stable operating. Managerial capability of board of management is still quite limited. Customers increasingly require high-quality about designs and Products (food safety). In general, there are a lot of articles needing to analyze and evaluate thoroughly. Base on result of actual analyzing, we will form and build suitable solutions to achieve the targets.

Hovvever, due to time-study limitation, the project will focus on analysis of company’s intemal factors, nearby extemal factors which closeỉy effect to the company, its SWOT, and competitive situation, especially the competition from new entrants to the industry, potential risk íầctors which iníluence and impact on Hiep Thanh Company. Using analytical matrices evaluate company’s ability in all respects, developing trends, combining opportunities and challenges to leverage the company
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