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Sị K \ ỉ M.K M \\ \(. I M ỉ \ I
4- The necessity of the topic

In the trend of economical integration to the region and the global, the trading and exchanging goods among regional and international countries by seaways have become more and more popular. Vietnam is one of the countries that have advantages and potentials in utilizing ports. However, specialized ships, cargo vessels, oil vessels that are super long and super heavy dominate the sea transportation worldwide and impose great challenges to the system of ports in Vietnam. Therefore, the problem raised in this topic is how to check, update and modify the general plans of development of Vietnamese port system. The ports must “go ahead, catch up in advance” in order to implement a roadmap for the integration consisting of modem managements and aiming at the ultimate goal which is to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the service of Vietnamese port system. Along with the trend of development of Vietnamese seaports system, what should Tan Thuan Port do to survive and prosper in a durable, sustainable way?

Tan Thuan Port is a part of Saigon port system that locate in a very favorable position, which is the common gateway to exchange goods among the middle and south-western provinces and other countries in the region as well. After many years in operation, Tan Thuan Port has gotten several certain achievements, however, in facing with new challenges, especially from becoming more and more serious competitions with the other ports of the countries in the region, it has shown many weakness and many potential business hazards as well. Therefore, it is very essential to build a business strategy for the period from the year 2012 to the year 2015 and plan a vision for the year 2020 4- Research objectives:

The objective of the research is to understand the business reality in the company, to analyze the market in order to have a suitable business strategy, make Tan Thuan Port become an important port in Southern Vietnam
( I VSS: 0410
Global Advanced
M K \ n (.!< M \N \(,IMI \ I
4- Researching Methods:

Systemizing theoretical issues such as strategic managements, theories of personel managments, production managements concerning about the products, services, and applied statistics theories for business.

Using two research methods : characterization and quantitation, based 011 market research data, the predictions of marine industry professionals, demands forecasts, growth speed forecasts, combining with references of several successful integration service administrating models of the ports in the regional countries and in our country Itself, statistic data published on the websites of government departments such as the Bureau of Statistic, the Ministry of Maritime,the Ministry of Transportation...

4- The structure of topic content:

The structure of topic content includes 3 chapters:

Chapter 1: Application of a theoretical foundation to develop business strategy Chapter 2: Current status of the business environment of the Tan Thuan Port Chapter 3: Strategic planning and solutions for strategic implementation


1.1 Overview of strategic management theory;

1.1.1 Concepts of strategic management:

Strategic management is the art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its objectives Strategic management, therefore, integrates the activities of the various functional sectors of a business, such as administration, marketing, finance, accounting, production, research & development, and information system to achieve organizational goals

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