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By Ryker
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Luận văn Chiến lược kinh doanh tiếng Anh
We would like to express our thankfulness to the Directors and the Faculty from
Center for Educational Technology and Career Development (ETC) – Vietnam
National University; ETC’s Southern Division and Griggs University for the
arranging of a good study conditions. In special, we would like to say thank you to
all of teachers who gave us instruction, guidance and sharing your knowledge,
experience then we can grow up after the class.
We also have special thanks to the Board Management of Fujikura Fiber Optics
Vietnam Ltd. (FOV) as well as its related Sections for their provided relevant
information, data and supporting to our Capstone.
We understand that due to our lack of experience and limited information, limited
time, our Capstone would have some shortcomings. We would really appreciate all
comments and proposal for improvement in order to make the Capstone become
more applicable and considered as a good reference for FOV.
The important is we have learned much through this capstone research. So that we
may able to have the good practicing and we believe that all the theoretical and
practical business strategies withdrawn from this Capstone will bring us with
success in our career.
Nowadays diversely of the communication means has been helping people to
narrow the geographical distance, closer together. The gap of the space is not
important anymore thanks to the communication systems such as telephone,
internet, email… The communication technologies, the telecommunications become
familiar to everyone. Boom in information technology have opened a new era for
the whole world.
In the trend of global integration, the internet is an indispensable tool to support
everyone in most areas of life. Currently, the existing technology of
telecommunication network has begun to come to the limit when facing difficulties
in providing simultaneously high-quality service with greater data transfer speeds.
Along with the development of Nano technology, semiconductor technology and
optical - electronic technology, FTTH (Fiber to the home) (or FTTx: Fiber to
everywhere: building FTTB, office FTTO, center FTTC…) networks are beginning
to deploy and develop very quickly led by high electronics industry development
FTTH is a new network structure that uses fiber optics for transmission so that it
may provide users a network with bandwidth, high data transfer speeds and with
very good quality. FTTH network capable of providing the number of subscribers is
much greater than the normal internet, easy to extend the network and allows
subscribers simultaneously using communications services in high speed, such as
television with high-resolution HDTV, VoD ... with the lower cost of infrastructure
investment, the supporting devices is also less costly.
With that superior features, fiber optic network that is currently FTTH has become
one of the strategic products of the companies providing telecommunications
equipment with the harsh competition from many companies, many of the product
lines with different features, more convenience for installer as well as consumers
and reasonable prices.

Fujikura Ltd. (Japan) is one of five manufacturers of components leading telecom
world. Fujikura's main customers are the largest telecommunication corporations in
the world such as NTT, Acatel, Verizon Communications, focusing on major
markets like U.S., Japan and some European countries, South Korea ... However, in
the current business environment and needs of the market, many national
governments are beginning to deploy FTTH system, especially the emerging
economies like India, China. In this context, Fujikura Ltd is beginning to expand
markets to these potential developing markets. In Vietnam, FPT was at the forefront
of the application of FTTH network and VNPT has been starting to deploy FTTH
networks, too. Vietnam is one of the high population countries and the speed of
information technology development in the world is so rapidly so that Vietnam is
also considered one of the potential markets. Unlike the current market, to enter
these markets, in addition to ensuring the quality of products, the competition in
selling price is one of the prerequisites requirements, should be considered
carefully. Consequently, Fujikura should consider business strategy to be able to
provide more options to the market, with prices more flexible in order to create
competitive advantage to be able to enter the potential markets with energy
population accounting for 35% world's population (1.3 billion in China, 1.2 billion
in India).
Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Ltd. (FOV) is one of the main manufacturers of
Fujikura Ltd., belong to telecommunication division with the key products of the
current products are used for the FTTH system (passive components). FOV’s
model is import – processing – export with 100% original products aboard. With the
request from parents company (Fujikura Ltd.) as well as business policy in
expanding markets, FOV need to build the business strategy in the short term, long
term investment to achieve the expectations of Fujikura Ltd. Japan.
Our group has 4 members:
- Trinh Xuan Quang – Vice President – Sai Gon Tabaco Company
- Chau Tuan – Chief Accountant – Sai Gon Tabaco Company
- Nguyen Quoc Huy – Vice President – Vietnam Gas Corporation
- Nguyen Huu Phuong Van – Division Manager of Quality Assurance and
Planning Division – Fujikura Fiber Optics Viet Nam Ltd.
After discussing about the markets, the needs of the company and review the ability
as well as strengths of individual team members, we decided to select the theme of
our capstone project: “Business strategy of Fujikura Fiber Optics Viet Nam in
2011-2015” with the desired that it can be an orientation outlines for specific
strategies for the company in coming years to reach the expectations, business goals
of the Fujikura Ltd in general and the Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Ltd (FOV) in
To carry out this capstone project, our team conducted research on the
telecommunication markets, especially the group of products produced by FOV
(largely focus on products for the FTTH market), learning the position of Fujikura
in the worldwide market, business strategy and direction of the Fujikura’s
development as well as FOV company. Since then, assess the situation and offer
specific solutions to map out directions for FOV until 2015, then 2020.
Objectives of the research
The Capstone focused on researching the following issues:
- Basic theories about strategy and strategy management
- Analyzing useful models used for the implementation and selection of the
- The real situation of Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam and the overview in the
Fujikura Ltd (Japan) in other to have wider image.
- Analyzing internal and external factors that affected the company’s strategy
implementation phase.

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