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By woemha_xephangdianh
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1. The necessity and implication of formulating business strategy of
HaiHa Confectionery Joint-Stock Company
In the current period of globalization, Vietnam’s economy is in the final
stage of fully integrating into the world economy. Vietnamese enterprises do not
only compete in local and national scale, but also have to compete in regional and
global scale. The tougher and tougher competitive pressure poses great challenges
to the existence and development of enterprises.
Formulating strategy is one of the most important tasks of managers. Most
failures in doing business may result from lacking a strategy, having a wrong
strategy, or lacking a sound method of deploying a strategy. Business strategies for
enterprises in each period make significant and decisive contribution to their
business and production performance.
In recent years, Vietnam’s confectionery industry has made steady
development steps. There are about over 30 well-known confectionery enterprises.
HaiHa Confectionery Joint-Stock Company (abbreviated name: HAIHACO) is
one of the leading confectionery producers in Vietnam and a direct competitor of
some companies like Bibica, North Kinh Do with equivalent scale in terms of
market share, production capacity and technological qualification.
HAIHACO is a State-owned company with a long history and owns one of
the strongest brands in Vietnam. Products of the Company are continuously elected
as “Vietnam’s high-quality goods” for many years from 1996 to date. Most
recently, HAIHACO is included in the list of 100 strongest brands in Vietnam. The
achievements of HAIHACO over the past years have affirmed that confectionery
products of the Company will continue to dominate domestic market. However, if
wanting to sustain and firm foothold and develop in the volatile market economy,
enterprises in general and HaiHa Confectionery Joint-Stock Company in particular
have to formulate specific business strategies for each period to cope with the
changes of business environment and focus all resources to realize the set targets.
In response to the urgent needs of the Company and to make a small
contribution to the formulation of suitable business strategy to the real situation of
HaiHa Confectionery Joint-Stock Company in 2011 – 2015 period, our group has
agreed on selecting the topic “Formulating business strategy for HaiHa
Confectionery Joint-Stock Company in 2011 – 2015 period.”
The content of the study is applying basic theories on business strategy to
consider and evaluate external environment to determine opportunities, threats,
strengths and weaknesses of the Company to make the most use of opportunities,
minimize threats and suggest business strategy for HAIHACO in the coming time.
2. Objective of strategy
Studying bases to formulate strategies, process of formulating strategies and
methods of analyzing and selecting optimal strategies to Giúp enterprises select the
most appropriate business strategy;
Clarifying and applying theory on formulating business strategy into reality
to formulate and select an optimal strategy for HAIHACO in 2011 – 2015 period;
Suggesting groups of solutions to successfully deploy and implement the
business strategy selected.
3. Object and scope of the study
- Object of the study: production and trade of confectionery products of
HaiHa Confectionery Joint-Stock Company.
- Scope: Confectionary business and production industry nationwide.
4. Methodology of the study
Within the time limitation to complete this capstone project report, our group
has used some key researches:
- Qualitative method, expert method: surveying, interviewing and consulting
experts’ ideas.
- Method of studying specific situations.
Data used in the topic are collected from two main sources: primary and
secondary sources.
5. Implication of the capstone project report
The topic is studied based on the theoretical background and the real
situation at HAHACO. The result of the research can be used as reference for
HAIHACO in formulating business strategy in 2011-2015 period.
6. Structure of the capstone project report
Apart from the introduction, conclusion, table of contents and references, the
content of the capstone project report is divided into three chapters as follows:
Chapter 1: Theoretical background of formulating business strategy
Chapter 2: Bases for formulating business strategy for HaiHa
Confectionery Joint-Stock Company
Chapter 3: Strategy and solutions to implement business strategy of HaiHa
Confectionery Joint-Stock Company in 2011- 2015 period

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