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1.1 Statement of the study
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an inescapable
demand made by society for businesses all over the world. Whether the
business is large or small, makes goods or provides services, operates at home
or abroad, always tries to be socially responsible. Many companies have
already done much to improve the social and environmental consequences of
their activities and are being encouraged by the society, government and
related organization to become more socially responsible. As a result, these
companies gain more and more benefits from CSR such as being more
productivity, more loyalty of employees and fame without spending much
money on advertising.
In Vietnam, CSR is still reported mostly being applied by textile and
shoe production companies as a way to enter international market like USA or
European Union. These activities are supported with many training courses
held by organizations like World Bank, UNIDO and Ministry of Labor and
Social Welfare. In fact, CSR has been applied more widely in business
community under multiple kinds from sponsorship or philanthropy activities
to environment protection or social works. For a better knowledge, this study
will look into the theory of CSR, compare it with undergoing CSR activities
and then give a full picture of CSR application in Vietnam. However, CSR is
still a very new concept to many Vietnamese enterprises; a few large
corporations have enough willingness and financial conditions to implement
it. As a result, four leading corporations representing for 4 industries like
Information Technology - FPT Corporation, Food and Beverage -Vinamilk,
Banking - Asia Commercial Bank and Real estate - ITA Group will be taken
as examples to identify how Vietnamese corporations have applied CSR along
with their business and what benefits they have achieved through CSR.
1.2 Objectives and Aims
In order to get a full knowledge of CSR application in Vietnam, the study will
aim to achieve the following objectives:
1. Understanding the definition of CRS and its elements in term of theory.
2. Figuring out what modern activities related to CSR all over the world.
3. Analyzing CRS activities of certain Vietnamese corporations and their
4. Giving conclusions and recommendation for promoting CSR activities
in Vietnamese business community.
1.3 Research questions
To fulfill the objectives of the study, the following research questions need to
be answered:
• What is CSR and what are its forms?
• How does CSR develop and achieve all over the world and in
• How have Vietnamese corporations applied CSR in their
• What do these corporations aware about CSR and what do they gain
from CSR implementation?
1.4 Scope of Work
Four case studies will be taken in the research to describe and to discuss on
CSR implementation in Vietnamese Corporations. They include:
• Information Technology – represented by FPT Corporation (FPT)
• Food and Beverage – represented by Vinamilk (VNM)
• Banking – represented by Asia Commercial Bank (ACB)
• Real Estate – represented by Tan Tao Group (ITA Group)
1.5 Data Sources and Processing
• Documents/Reports of UNDP/World Bank/ UNIDO on CSR from
2002 to 2008
• Reports of Vietnamese government on CSR in 2003, 2005 and 2007
• Documents of FPT, VNM, ACB and ITA Group from 2002 to 2005
1.6 Method
This study is an empirical research which applied 2 methods:
• Review of related literature/documentation.
• Interviewing relevant person.
Review of Related Literature/Documentation: This will examine the
multidisciplinary theories of and empirical studies on corporate social
responsibility in the literature. Beside, it will Giúp to compare between theory
and practical activities.
Interview: Questions will be developed and structured interviews are
1.7 Significance and implications
This study will contribute to the body of knowledge and understanding on
CSR in Vietnam. It will also Giúp Vietnamese enterprises enrich their
knowledge on CSR for better application in cooperation with business
1.8 Limitations
While the study examines 4 different industries, represented by 4 leading
corporations, there are limitations on data sources for analyzing and giving

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