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By karl_lion
#964146 Link tải luận văn miễn phí cho ae
Managing activities internal to the firm is only part o f the modern executive’s
responsibilities. The modem executive must also respond to the challenges posed
by the firm intermediate and remote external environment. The intermediate
external environment includes competitors, suppliers, increasingly scare resources,
government agencies and their ever more numerous regulations, and customers
whose preferences often shift inexplicably. The remote external environment
comprises economic and social conditions, political priorities, and technological
developments, all o f which must be anticipated, monitored, assessed, and
incorporated into the executive’s decision making. However, the executive often is
compelled to subordinate the demands o f the firm’s internal activities and external
environment to the multiple and often inconsistent requirements of its take holders:
owners; top managers; employees; communities; customers; and country. To deal
effectively with everything that affects the growth and profitability of a firm,
executives employ management processes that they will position it optimally in it
competitive environment by maximizing the anticipation o f environmental changes'
and of unexpected internal and competitive demands. Once they foresee the changc
they can define their company, its market, and its core competence in order to
support competitive advantage and to Giúp company prosper sustainably.
"...Think o f a diversified company as a tree: the trunk and
major limbs as core products, smaller branches as business
units, leaves and fruit as end products. Nourishing and
stabilizing everything is the root system: core competencies.
Focusing on core competencies creates unique, integrated
systems that reinforce fit among your firm 's diverse
production and technology skills-a systemic advantage your
competitors ca n 't copy...
However, who makes up the corporate core competencies? And who creates the
unique? It is the human. The advantage that the corporate can achieve is depended
on the efforts of individual, or the individual competencies. Although the concept
about individual competence was developed long time ago in the world, it is about
to appear widely in Vietnam. Many consulting firms have used competencies based
methodology as a tool to upgrade corporate initiative especially in human resource
management. Base on this scenario, in this thesis, the author want to systemize the
idea about the organization core competencies and individual competencies for
further understanding and applying the competence concept. By identifying the
linkage between individual competencies and the organizational corc
competencies, and the role o f the core competencies in an organization the author
gives the answer about why organizations should focus on developing the
individual competencies profile and use that profile as a strategic human resource
management to upgrade the human capital, one o f the most important factor that
helps to bring the success to the organization. For illustration, the author analyzed
the need to develop individual competencies profile for FPT Corporation and the
application of competencies based methodology in its strategy o f developing
human resource.

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