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By truongdepzai00
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1. The thesis title
2. The thesis necessity
Franchise, one of the methods to develop businesses, is very popular but still new in
Vietnam. The global integration creates new opportunities and challenges to the
Vietnamese. Foreign companies will have more opportunities to penetrate
Vietnamese market and Vietnamese enterprises also have opportunities for
development abroad as well. Therefore, popular model business in the world will
have opportunities to develop in Vietnam, and also business development in form of
franchise is not an exception case.
Franchising is considered to have many advantages for both sides in run
franchising. After joining WTO, Vietnam has become a potential market for
franchise. In fact, Franchising business in Vietnam has developed rapidly in recent
years and information about franchise is more and more popular. Moreover, the
knowledge of franchise still limited to the Goverment, business and consumer
sector. A research on how franchise business work effectively is therefore useful for
companies, as a consideration to expand their operation.
This thesis is to build appropriate franchise business For Pho 24 Restaurant’s
development. The research has also added value to the method franchise that useful
for business development, by giving recommendations and proposing an action
plan, which can be applied in franchising business in Vietnam.
For this reason I choose thesis topic: “Developing a Franchise Business in
Vietnam - The case of Pho 24”
3. Objectives
The objective of the thesis is given the theoretical basis of the franchise, analyze the
reality franchise in Vietnam recent year; Using the tools and knowledge gathered to
analyze evaluate, the case of Pho 24. In addition to propose a solution and action
plan to Giúp enterprises successfully applied the strategy of choice, thesis offers
some recommendations to the State in planning and management to sustainable
development the reality franchise in Vietnam.
4. Methodology
This thesis applies the case study to franchisor Pho 24 Restaurant. The research has
been prepared mainly through desk research, not analyze financial norm, only
reviews of available literature and data through fourth basic steps:
First step is to review theories of franchise. The study focuses on the literature
view of existing approaches to franchise definition and some basic factors that
effect to franchise business.
Second step is based on the research of franchisor in Vietnam and finds out specific
factors that influent the business success.
Third the case study of Pho 24 is analyzed, show the advantage and disadvantage in
franchise business development. This analysis allows giving some basic solution
and recommendation for business development in form of franchise in Vietnam.
5. Data sources
The theoretical review and collection of secondary data has been performed by
research of books, reports, newspapers. The primary data was collected through
internet and interviews with Pho 24’s managers in many newspapers in recent
6. Significance
By reviewing the theory of Franchise and understanding the impacts of business
environment, the thesis benefits Pho 24 Restaurants Franchise. This theoretical
approach can be applied or choosing good points in cases of other companies using
franchise method to develop business.
7. Expected results
The result of this thesis is to give basic solutions for franchisor’s Pho 24 Business
and for further business development in form of franchisor in Vietnam Business.
The methodology is expected to be effectively applied in the case study of other
companies in franchising
8. Limitations
The study is limited in the sense that just a small business with the wide field in
market and this thesis only research on desk study, not analyzed about financial
norm of company so the applying this on other business will be limited.
9. The thesis structure
The thesis is started with the introduction part, following by three chapters and the
conclusion part.
Chapter 1: Literature Review – This chapter provides a fundamental review of
Chapter 2: An Overview of Franchising Business in Vietnam – This part analyses
the reality for Business development in form of franchise in Vietnam.
Chapter 3: The Case of Pho 24 – The chapter presents the case of Pho 24
Restaurant and analyzes its environment to give some advises to develop Pho
24. The chapter also suggests sollution and recommendations to the Government on
developing a franchise business in Vietnam.

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