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Luận văn tiếng Anh
1. The thesis title
Some Digital Marketing Solutions for APPOTA Joint Stock Company
2. Purpose
The purpose of this thesis is to suggest some marketing solutions with action
plans to be used in a year to continue growth of Appota with existing products.
In order to do that, the thesis focuses on reviewing and summarizing the theory
of marketing and digital marketing with major tools; applying the reviewed
literature to analyze Appota situation now; and propose some solutions to enhance
the digital marketing in Appota.
3. The thesis necessity
Appota is a SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) in the information and
communication technology founded in Dec, 2011. Within a year of start-up, it has
achieved a significant growth in terms of both revenues and headcount.The
company currently has employed more than 60 headcount who obtain many years
of experience in mobile content. Appota has become a premier partner to many big
companies in the same industry and a leading-edge smartphone content provider in
Vietnam. With the market share of more than 60% of smartphone users including
iOS and Android mobile users, Appota is one of the most disruptive start-up in
Vietnam ICT industry. The company intends to increase its market share to be the
dominance and keep the impressive growth to extend business to South East Asia
with the target of coverage over 20 million smartphone users.
Being one of the co-founders of the company and take responsible for all sales
& marketing activities, I have been working with both Sales& Marketing team to
gain market share, attract customer, monetized products and services, build
customer database, keep strong relationship with partners... We have tried a lot of
new marketing strategies or plans to find the best approach for the company. Based
on the research in marketing activities and with an insight of company situation, my
finding in this thesis is to address the digital marketing with specific solutions as a
strong tool for the company to keep the growth.
4. Scope of research
APPOTA follows a new model in Vietnam with no competitors currently,
moreover it has only one year of operation. Therefore, instead of implementing
industry analysis (including competitors) and SWOT analysis (that provides
understanding about Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) the thesis
focuses on suggesting some practical solutions for the company.
This thesis offers an idea for the company on how they could apply the
marketing solution, especially eMarketing to keep the growth of market share and
growth of customer base in the target segment.
5. Research questions
1. Which theories can be applied in Digital Marketing at Appota?
2. What current digital marketing practice at Appota?
3. How to improve Digital Marketing and other suggestion to Appota?
6. Methodology and Limitations of Study
The thesis based on a qualitative research and a case study method for analytical
purpose to suggest or explain why or how something is happening.
Appota‟s specific data collection was carried out by interviews. In the
interviews, Appota‟s representatives like CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CMO
(Chief Marketing Officer) and Product Director provided very valuable ideas and
information on the subject.Besides, author‟s own observations and experiences were
also used in data collection and analysis. Secondary data has been computed by
research of documents, annual/quarterly reports of Appota.
7. Significance
By reviewing the theory of digital marketing, this research benefits Appota in
proposing marketing tools to increase the market share and improve the revenues
which contributes to the company‟s development.
8. Expectation
Digital marketing is being well applied in many companies around the world so
the same methodology can be applied in the scenario of other companies in the
same industry with some adjustments.
9. Follow-up
Further study will be carried on upon the result of this thesis in applying some
digital marketing solutions for the company. Other way of study will be analyzing
the impact of the competition on the company and steps toavoidor come over
unexpected impacts
10. Structure
The first chapter is an introduction with concentration on marketing in general
and marketing tools, especially digital marketing.
The second chapter describes actual state of the company regarding its products
and services, customers and current marketing practice.
The third chapter concentrates on marketingsolutionsfor the company with a
specific action plan.

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