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By chunghoanggiang
#541865 Loco Mogul v2.2

Journey back in time to when steam locomotives ruled the rails. Play the role of a seasoned railroader as you try and build your own railroad empire, one track at a time.

Work through the territories the other railroad companies forgot, but be warned, each territory becomes increasingly more challenging.

Build the railroads. Run the trains. Make the profits.

Version 2.0 adds an easier learning curve, better help, solid gold cars, and more levels. This including 5 bonus levels and an unlockable, single-level sandbox mode, where anything could happen!

29.1 MB

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Big Pinata


- 18 opponents

- More than 40 levels.

- Great unlockable content.

System requirement:

- OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA

- CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor

- RAM: 128 MB

26.16 MB

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Holiday World Tycoon

As the manager of an up and coming tourist company, your job is to attract holidaymakers in their masses to your luxury resorts! Three very different holiday worlds await you. Build a luxury beachfront resort on a beautiful holiday island, experience the jungle with an African safari tour and create an underwater ocean adventure!

Holiday World is an exciting and action-packed management simulation game, where the future of the company lies in the hands of the player and his employees. Entrepreneurial and planning skills, along with sheer determination are the secrets to success. But, don't forget to sit back and enjoy the paradise you've created

Game Features

# 3 Holiday Modes; Beach, Safari and Deep Sea Adventure

# Over 30 Types of holidaymaker with different needs and interests.

# 60 different buildings are available in each holiday world.

# 3 hotel categories; 3, 4 and 5 star

# 4 holiday themes - culture, family friends and health

# Influence your guests through your actions and decisions

# Build landscapes, hotels and attractions for your holidaymakers to enjoy

# Use sabotage to foil the plans of rival companies

# Manage your financial situation so you don't run out of money

# Different play modes; free play, single player, multiplayer and competition mode


- Minimum

* Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP Pentium® 1 GHz processor

* 128 MB RAM,

* DirectX® 9

* 3D accelerator with 16 MB video RAM

* CD-ROM Drive

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Seaworld Adventure Parks Tycoon 2

That's right, the excitement of building and managing the World's Largest Adventure Park is back. Featuring all new 3D environments that put you right in the action.

Build real SeaWorld® rides and attractions, invite guests to Shamu Stadium, construct roller coasters, water rides and much more, but above all else, keep your guests happy. SeaWorld® Adventure Parks Tycoon™ 2 offers many all new features such as animal training mode, animal conservation mode, more SeaWorld® attractions and animals, newly detailed maps based on the 3 SeaWorld® Parks, greater guest interaction and an extended animals browser. With so much to do and see, you and your guests will keep coming back for more!

Features Include:

. MORE SeaWorld® rides, attractions and animal shows

. New animals:

* Sharks

* Penguins

* plus more

. Cut-away buildings

. Animal browser with information on animal habitat, feeding habits, and more

. Choreograph the perfect show in the all new animal training mode

. All new 3D environments


- Minimum

* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

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Ski Resort Tycoon

Design and build your resort and then watch your customers use it in full 3D, 1st person perspective!

Ski Resort Tycoon: Deep Powder - just the game for ski and snowboarding fans who want to run their own resort! This ski resort simulation lets you design thrilling runs, breathtaking chalets and amazing chairlifts.

Design your mountain and maximize your vast resources to attract more skiers. Create Black Diamond runs, mogul fields, bunny hills or snowboard parks. Build incredible hotels, condos, restaurants, cafes and more. Track your progress and keep your customers satisfied to find out if you have what it takes to build the Ultimate Ski Resort!

If you want even more fun designing your own etertainment facility, try our incredibly popular Rollercoaster Tycoon!

Other fun game features include:

* Design more than 5000 outrageous runs, shops and thrilling attractions

* Switch to 3D Perspectives from any building or lift to see your resort as your visitors do

* Watch the skiers emotions to Giúp you manage your park to create maximum enjoyment and profit

* Full Terrain Editing allows you to sculpt the perfect mountain

* Use the built-in Map Editor to create your own unique resorts!


- Minimum

* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

* P200MHz

* 32MB of RAM

* DirectX 7 SVGA

* video card with at least 1 MB video memory

* DirectX 7 compatible sound card

* 150MB hard drive space

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Sid Meier's Sim Golf

Sid Meier's SimGolf, the latest creation from legendary game designer Sid Meier, puts players in charge of their very own golf resort. As course designer, CEO and resident pro, the player is challenged to grow a business from a small, public pitch-and-putt to a five-star resort complete with world-class golf holes, professional tournaments and luxury accommodations.

* Design — Choose one of 16 locations for your very first golf club. Build the perfect course by creating rolling fairways, lush greens and strategically placed water hazards. Make it your own by raising and lowering terrain, adding Japanese gardens and scenic landmarks!

* Build — Listen to your Sim golfers and respond to their needs by building resort facilities. Keep them happy with everything from ball washers and pro shops to luxury hotels and casinos.

* Play — Create your own golf pro and then test your course. Develop your golfer's skills and compete in one-on-one matches and tournaments.

* Exchange — Trade your courses and golf stories with other simgolf players around the world.


- Minimum

* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

* DirectX 8.0 drivers

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Airline Tycoon Evolution

Take to the skies in Airline Tycoon Evolution, an airline management game that lets you grab hold of a high-flying company and Giúp it soar. Airline Tycoon Evolution is the follow up to the hugely popular Airline Tycoon, considered one of the greatest airline simulations ever. Oversee security operations, keeping passengers safe and secure in the skies, make sure your staff is always smiling and has plenty of pillows and blankets, create and customize your own planes and bring every flight in for a safe landing - on time!


- Minimum

* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

* Pentium Processor or equivalent at 133MHz

* 32MB RAM

* 2MB SVGA graphic card

* 4x CD-Rom drive

* SoundBlaster or 100% compatible sound card

* 400 MB free hard disk space

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Beer Tycoon

In Beer Tycoon you build, staff and manage your very own brewery. Invent new beer recipes from dozens of available ingredients, set them into production, create market leading brands and distribute them to your customers.

Starting with limited funds, build a micro-brewery and learn the craft of the brewer from the ground up in one of three European countries; Germany, the UK or Belgium. Eventually you'll be confident enough to run a high tech industrial scale brewery on a truly massive scale

- 50 different ingredients for making a huge variety of beers, all controlled via a detailed brewing interface allowing the selection of base malt, character malt, water type, hops, yeast and novelty flavourings.

- 54 unique characters, with 9 different staff career types and 9 different tourist characters.

- 56 different pieces of brewing equipment, covering all stages of brewing from brewing the mash to fermenting, bottling and delivering the final product.

- 7 unique landscapes from 3 countries with dynamic night and day effects.

- 63 buildings, covering 3 styles of brewery in 3 different countries.

- 3 different types of brewery, starting with small micro brewery, then larger suburban brewery and finally build a huge urban based factory brewery.

- Detailed graphics depicting luscious 3D landscapes, complete with shadows and day and night lighting effects.

- Highly realistic models of real brewing equipment such as Mass Tun, Copper Kettle, fermenting tanks, open fermenting vats, conditioning tanks, bottling and casking machinery.


- Minimum

• MS windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP

• Pentium III 800MHz or better

• 128MB RAM

• 32MB DirectX compatible video card

• 450MB HD space

• DirectX compatible sound card


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Ride! - Carnival Tycoon

Are you ready to build the Greatest Midway on Earth? Summer nights, flashing lights, stomach churning rides, girls and guys all combine to make the perfect carnival. Attract them, thrill them, feed them, frighten them, and leave them yearning for more!

You can: Run your own traveling carnival. From ride construction to advertising to entertaining the masses, you run the show. Choose from 25 different rides, 21 different locations, 12 food and drink stands, 10 games, 4 attractions and more! Take on the challenge of Career Mode.

Turn your earnings into better rides and bigger crowds, unlocking hidden locations as you become a Midway Tycoon. Beat the bank and the clock in Mission Mode. Can you satisfy the throngs before time runs out? It's more than fun and games.

Spend your money wisely purchasing equipment, bathrooms and ticket booths as needed to minimize lines and angry patrons.

Ride! Carnival Tycoon Game Features

* From Parking Lots to Big Shot - Start small building local fun fairs outside malls and grow your business one happy customer at a time on your way to running the State Fair.

* Ride 'Em if you Got 'Em - Strap into any of the 25 different rides at your disposal and feel what your crowds feel as you plunge through the electrifying twist and turns.

* Come One - Come All! Choose from 10 games of chance and attractions - excite your patrons with everything from human cannonballs and monster truck shows to rings toss and balloon pops

* Money Makes the Twirl Go Around! Maximize your money making potential by planning and constructing additional carnivals as the others are coming to a close.

* Keep the carnival goers happy and full! Choose, set-up and design your food and drink stations - 12 delicious food and drink stations options available!


- Minimum

*Win 2003 / ME / XP

*Pentium IV 1.2 GHz

*256 MB

*300 MB

*32MB AGP Video Card

*DirectX Compliant Sound Card

*DirectX v9.0c

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Theme Hospital

Start with a plot of land and turn it into a thriving city hospital. Design the facility and then hire the staff. Do you go for the big-shot psychiatrist demanding an astronomical salary, or the cheap novice whom you can train? How much do you spend on janitors? Do you let VIPs in to see the state of your institution


- Minimum

*Windows 95/98/Me/XP

*Pentium 75MHz

*4X CD-ROM Drive


*DirectX 5 Compatible Sound & Graphics Cards

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By rocklonely1088
#541879 Trò Ride! - Carnival Tycoon mấy trò chơi sao người không vào chơi vậy( người trog game ý)
By hoacomay1727
#541978 hay quá mong bạn tìm thêm mấy cái game này

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