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By candy15160

CrysisPeople do not just represent the end of the world, attributing the role of executioner is fatal flooding, the terrible disease, a nuclear war. In fact, everything was somewhat exotic. Collapsed into one of the outlying islands was a huge asteroid spaceship capable of completely change the Earth's climate. We went to the study of anomalies of troops in North Korea and the U.S. were the only defenders of humanity. Prepare to face with the unknown enemy - in this battle you play a critical role!

New exciting fantasy gunman Crysis - this brilliant creation of company Crytek Studios, famous project FarCry! Players are to become fighters elite American units and go to the island, which was discovered spaceship aliens. The world around us is constantly changing, vast territory covered by ice suddenly, around the raging hurricanes and tornadoes. But most importantly - on the island, there are those who are going to destroy humanity!

Crysis WarheadTragic events on the island of cursed not end with the final Crysis. Continued Crysis Warhead returns players to the battlefields of frosted and offers a look at familiar events through the eyes of another character. The main role - associate Nomad Sergeant Sykes, nicknamed Mad Dog. In the first part of the fantasy saga, he quickly disappeared from view, going to another part of the island. Now you know what is happening on the other side of the rainforest.

The balance of power remains the same. Korean and American troops are fighting for the right to possess the mysterious "meteorite" that was foreign spacecraft. His bosses do not care about human strife - the aliens are going to change the climate of the planet, so for what would have been comfortable with them. Frozen ground, they start with the ill-fated island where fierce fighting flared up between the Korean Army, U.S. Special Forces and representatives of a foreign civilization.

Crysis WarsThis package multileerny Crysis: Warhead. Crysis: Wars will include all maps and modes of original game Crysis, as well as new maps and modes. In Crysis: Wars modes will be presented to the original Crysis and the new mode Team Instant Action, which will not be as complicated as PowerStruggle, but more command, than Instant Action.

Crysis 2The world shook series of environmental disasters, and mankind is on the verge of extinction. The aliens have returned with a determination to wipe people off the face of the earth and started at the same time with one of the most iconic cities in the earth. Streets of New York flooded with alien invaders, and the wave of the walking nightmares gradually engulfing the city and its residents. Urban communication systems are destroyed, the buildings are in ruins. This New York City you've ever seen.

Neither law enforcement organizations, nor the U.S. military machine can not cope with the invaders, and all who did not flee in time, are already dead. To survive in this chaos, you need the technology, on which no earthly soldier still has no idea. One person will inherit something that will Giúp him survive. One super-soldiers, armed and equipped with the latest technologies in the future Nanosuit 2, will make a desperate attempt to save humanity in the streets of New York.


√ Hệ điều hành: Windows ® XP / Vista

√ Bộ xử lý: Athlon 64 3000 + / Intel 2.8GHz

√ Bộ nhớ: 1 GB

√ Video: Nvidia 6600/X800GTO (SM 2.0)

√ Card âm thanh: DirectX 9.0c tương KẾT

√ miễn phí không gian ổ cứng: 9 GB

Crysis Warhead:

√ Hệ điều hành: Windows ® XP / Vista

√ Bộ xử lý: Intel Pentium4 2 GHz / AMD XP 2200 +

√ Bộ nhớ: 512 MB ​​

√ Video: (5700/Radeon GeForce 9600) với 128 MB

√ Card âm thanh: tương KẾT với DirectX 9.0c

Crysis Wars:

√ Hệ điều hành: Windows ® XP / Vista

√ Bộ xử lý: Intel Core 2 Duo 2,8 GHz hay AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core 5200 +

√ Bộ nhớ: 1GB (1.5GB Windows Vista)

√ Video: 256MB bộ nhớ đồ họa NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro cho Vista) hay tốt hơn

√ Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c tương KẾT √ miễn phí ổ cứng không gian: 9 GB

√ miễn phí không gian ổ cứng: 9 GB

Crysis 2:

√ Hệ điều hành: Windows ® XP / Vista

√ Bộ xử lý: Intel Core 2 [email protected] GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800 +

√ RAM: 2 GB √ Video: nVidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3850 với 512 MB ​​VRAM

√ Sound Card : DirectX 9.0c tương KẾT

√ ổ cứng không gian: 9 GB

Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Added Recovery 10%


1- Nếu gặp lỗi thiếu file dll như Xaudio*.dll or d3d*.dll . Thì các bạn cần cài Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

2- Nếu báo lỗi thiếu file PhysX.dll --> càiBấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

3- Nếu báo lỗi configuration is wrong or general protection error --> càiVC++ 2005/2008/2010

4 Lỗi xlive.dll là do chưa cài game for window live & phải tạo 1 acc off để save: Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link! (ấn nút HOME rồi làm như video)

5- Bao giờ MF báo invalid or block... thì file mới bị lỗi nhé,còn các trường hợp không down được là do lỗi sv MF thôi, các bạn để lúc khác down lại or xóa cookie đi or fake ip để down nhé.

6- Links vừa được add 10% recovery,nếu gặp lỗi corrupt or wrong pass thì repair file hỏng rồi giải nén lại nhé.

7- các bạn down về xóa đuôi .ctit đi thêm đuôi rar đằng sau rồi giải nén bình thường nhé : Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Tốt nhất là sau khi cài đặt xong game thì nhớ cài đặt tất cả directx,VC++,netframe… kèm trong bộ cài game

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