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By Josias
#521119 Age of Machinery (v 0.503)

Version : 0.503 Era : Middle Ages Type : Native based Mod, Features: Kingdom management, Tweaks

Size : 17.9 MB Downloads : 843 No rating for this addon.

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Included files : Needed addons :

* Age of Machinery (beta) (.zip file)


Description :

Highlander's Age of Machinery incorporates some unique gameplay changes to native. the most notable, of which, is the inclusion of artillery into field battles. This makes extreme differences to gameplay and the module is really worth a try. For more information and an extended feature list, check out the Mod's thread, over at Taleworlds.

.503 Changelog:

* Fixes on the kingdom leader feature: Lords are now always available in the list; 3rd, 6th, etc. fief can now be given to lords.

* Minor spelling corrections.

* 5 instead of 4 siege engines useable on the field.

* New castles that support artillery: Jelbegi Castle, Gunwalder Castle.

* Support of debug mode: People can now edit castle scenes.

Feature list:

# Expanded kingdom leading feature

# Artillery

# Hunting

# Morale Script (by Chel)


1866 Western Mod (v 0.7)

Game phiên bản : 1.010/1.011

Version : 0.7 Era : 18/19th Century Type : Features: New Factions, Features: New Units, Features: New Items, Features: New Companions, Features: New Map, Features: New Animations

Size : 141 MB Downloads : 3961 Rating : 2.5 / 5 (rated 2 times)

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Included files : Needed addons :

* 1866_0.7.exe


Description :

It has been a year since the American Civil War ended. The fighting may have stopped back east, but it has begun anew along the US/Mexican border. To the north, Apaches and Comanches fight to maintain their way of life. To the south, Mexico keeps a cautious eye on the ever expanding might of the United States. And everywhere, bandits, outlaws, and corrupt lawmen continue to pillage villages and rob banks.

Climb into your saddle and make your mark on one of the wildest places in the west. Join the US army and become an honest man, or lend your hand to a bandit chief for a fistful of dollars.

1866 aims to bring the atmosphere of the most famous western movies to Mount and Blade. More than 65 brand-new detailed and realistic firearms await you. Whether you use them for good or bad is up to you.

Feature list:

* New Firearms: More than 65 realistic, period-accurate firearms, including the famous Colt M1851 Navy and the Winchester 1866.

* New Melee Weapons: Dozens of melee weapons have been added

* New Clothing: Many new western outfits and hats have been added to bring you back to the old west

* New Factions: Four civilizations (The United States, Mexico, Apaches and Comanches) and three gang types(Outlaws, Bandits and Lawmen) to join

* New Scenes: Every town and village has been redone to make the player feel like they're in the old West

* New Troop Trees: Varied troop trees designed to highlight each faction's strengths and weaknesses

* New Sounds: including distinct sounds for different weapons and voice acting for each enemy type

* New UI: featuring art from famous western artists, the user interface is designed to bring the M&B feel into the era of the old west

* New Effects: Custom weapon particle effects and animations

* New Quests: including working wanted posters with bounty rewards and duels, stagecoach robberies, and bank robberies!

* New Map: Based on the border region of Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico. Includes new icons for towns, villages, armies, animals

* New Character Customization: including new faces, facial hair, and even customizable warpaint!

* New Characters: Historical characters lead the armies of each civilization, and fictional companions can join your army

* New Banking Features: For those of you who would rather put money in a bank than rob it

* New Hunting Features: Hunt the native wildlife to sustain your armies and for their valuable hides

* New Quick Battles: including Gettysburg, a Camp Defense during a Comanche Raid, and more to get you right into the action

* New Battle Scenes: Customized to recreate the wilderness of the American southwest


Britain at War (v 1.0)

Game phiên bản : 1.010/1.011

Version : 1.0 Era : Middle Ages Type : Total Conversion Mod, Features: New Factions, Features: New Units, Features: New Items, Features: New Map

Size : 399 MB Downloads : 2871 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 2 times)

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Included files : Needed addons :

* Britain at War (.rar file)

* Britain at War Hotfix (v fix 1)

Description :

Britain at War is a mod set in 1290 AD Britain with Medieval 2: Total War as a main reference. Extensive troop trees, mountains of content and an all new map of Britain make this module a new and fun experience.


This mod is a conversion from native to Medieval 2 Total War.

The year is 1290.

5 factions England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and France.

New map of Britain.

Lots of new weapons, armors and troops.

The troops are like the ones in Medieval 2 Total War and some are not.

There are historical characters in the mod.

Changelog for v 1.0:

In this phiên bản of the mod everything is done, map is done, all troops, all mercenaries are done and lords.

It should be more balanced now to.

If you ever played the beta, you might recognized that the knights were pretty strong, they are still strong, but the horses are weaker .

For more more information and a full feature list, visit the Mod's sub-forum, over at Taleworlds.

The Wedding Dance (v 0.9)

Game phiên bản : 1.010/1.011

Version : 0.9 Era : Heroic Fantasy Type : Total Conversion Mod, Features: Kingdom management, Features: New Factions, Features: New Units, Features: New Items, Features: New Map

Size : 246 MB Downloads : 1852 Rating : 4.3 / 5 (rated 6 times)

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Included files : Needed addons :

* The Wedding Dance (beta) (.rar file)


Description :

Warning, from the mod team:






-light story

-player controlled faction (you are not the ruler, but you are marshal forever)

-deployable scouts (keep them with you to increase speed or deploy them to increase tracking and spotting)

-new quests (mostly for the ladies and men of the court)

-new enemies

-promote companions to kingdom lords

-lots of silly hats

-new armor's and weapons

-new map

-new consumables that give bonuses other than morale

-camp to gain morale (your troops love hanging out and drinking as opposed to forced marches)

-explorable camps

-lots of new props just for fun (paintings, new scenes, tapestries, etc)

-new npc type (fortune tellers)

-Rewards for the arena and tournament have greatly increased (maybe too much lol)

-Oh, and of course the ability to get married

Added in beta v9:

-visible village improvements

-player controled catapults for sieges

-chariots improved/upgradeable

-chariots available for companion use

-story line developed- more story line quests

-fun new quests by Fawzia

-new load screens/interface screens by Shjn

-other new quests

-new companion with all new armor, weapons and story

-new armors (several new plate armors)

-new items (including lance with heraldic banner)

-surrender options

-holidays (food half price)

-added some banners

-persuasion now used much more frequently (peace negotiations, surrender negotiations, etc)

-progressive difficulty

-voicework by Fawzia, Ardono and Earsnack


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Prophesy of Pendor (v 2.5)

ame phiên bản : 1.010/1.011

Version : 2.5 Era : Heroic Fantasy Type : Total Conversion Mod, Features: Kingdom management, Features: New Factions, Features: New Units, Features: New Items, Features: New Companions, Features: New Map

Size : 299 MB Downloads : 1692 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 1 time)

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Included files : Needed addons :

* Prophesy of Pendor (.zip file)


Description :

Prophesy of Pendor is a fantasy mod with a rich back story and lore, created by the developers. It's a very complete module and offers a lot of interesting, new gameplay features, as well as an expanse of new items and troops.


- Expanded victory conditions. It is not just about defeating the five kingdoms, but putting down the four minor factions as well and re-establishing relations with the elusive and hostile elder race of the Noldor.

- Find the elusive Tears of the Dragon also known as Qualis Gems as a secondary quest to make your characters more powerful and unlock the secrets to establishing new Knighthood Orders and acquiring amazing weapons.

- 6 New Factions

- Economic model: build dozens of new structures at your village, castles and towns. Structures can be damaged and destroyed when locations are conquered or raided.

- New Enemies: Many and varied foes that are intrinsically part of the struggle of Pendor, unique Heroes belonging to various minor factions that have unusual troops, dialogues and are challenging to defeat.

- Enhanced troops

- New companions

- New Items (475 new items, many new Horses...)

- New Sounds (NPC voice acting to give deeper immersion, better Battle Sounds, new Music

- New GUI, banners and icons

- New Map

- Many enhanced Game interaction, such as the Dynamic Conversation System. - This system will allow for the interaction with various merchants, travelers, stewards, barkeeps, and Red Brotherhood slavers and yield location specific, relevant and dynamic content that will affect game play.

For a more detailed description and list of features, check out the Mod's sub-forum, over at Taleworlds.


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WWII:China Battlefield (v 2)

Game phiên bản : 1.010/1.011

Version : 2 Era : World War 1&2 Type : Total Conversion Mod, Features: Kingdom management, Features: New Factions, Features: New Units, Features: New Items, Features: New Map, Features: New Animations

Size : 46.8 MB Downloads : 4299 Rating : 4 / 5 (rated 3 times)

You must register before rating items.

Included files : Needed addons :

* WWII: China Battlefield (.zip file)


Description :

This massive overhaul sets the game in an interesting WWII chinese setting. It's a very ambitious module and great fun to play. It also makes use of a lot of interesting, new and unique features including a system whereby you need to arm your troops. You will enjoy this fantastically unique and excellently crafted Module.

Key features:

- Public Order System:

Every center(town, castle and village) has this new property: Public Order. It is the reflection of how much the government and the local situation satisfy the residents.

The higher the public order is, the more efficiency the governer's order will be executed. The lower it is, the easier the management(such as automatically recruiting and manufacturing) fails.

Many things can influence the public order, player can also build some buildings or take some measures to improve it.

- New Building System

School -- college, camp -- barrack, stall -- stable -- manege, workshop -- armory -- arsenal -- ordnance factory, radio post... not only these new buildings, they also have their own funtions that you can't abandon. They should all work together if you want a great modern army(modern I mean middle period of 20th :wink.

- New Weaponry System

Manufacture yourself the swords, guns, grenades and ammos you need(if you have at least a workshop and enough craftsmen)!

- Arming Soldier System

For a long time we consider the old MnB soldier upgrading system too flawed: why the hell can a farmer become a knight if he simply managed to kill enough enemy? Don't he need 20000 denars to buy the horse and armor, or should I provide him?

Now the soldiers don't have this privilege any more! Maybe they will pickup some pistols in the battlefield, but if you don't give them rilfes or MGs or first aid kits, they never have any chance to be riflemen or machinegunmen or medic. You are the commander to decide who can be this or that.

Remember the the weapons you had your men made in the workshop and the horses your grooms give you, now? Equip your soldiers with them! Don't want to collect the crappy trophies before? Now you can simply throw them to the foreman of workshop or your baggage, let your soldiers pick them up when they were recruited or armed.

- Special Soldiers Ability System

This is the easiest one to understand. Medics can heal the troops, both in the battle and in the world map; generals can improve your tactices; officers can train your soldiers, they can also do many things if you assign them to garrison in your centers; local guides can increase your marching speed; with radioman, you are able to contact with your centers which have commanding officer and radio post from any distance.

For more information, vist the Mod's sub-forum, over at Taleworlds.

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