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By Tennyson
#842275 Đây là một mod cho Diablo 2 tên là Median XL

Bản Median XL 2012 là bản mới nhất ra ngày 4/2/2012.

Nó thêm RẤT NHIỀU thứ mới như là quái vật, skill, nhiệm vụ, vũ khí,...vào trong Diablo II - đảm bảo down về không hối hận

Chạy được trên các bản 1.12 và 1.13 của Diablo II LOD

Mời mọi người thưởng thức

Lưu Ý: Đã update lên 2012 v005. Sử dụng hjsplit để nối file.
Mình tạm ngưng dịch trong một thời gian vì việc thi cử. Mong các anh em thông cảm.

Sơ lược về patch V004: V004 giảm độ khó của game và thêm một số skill mới cho các nhân vật. Đồng thời cũng có một số thay đổi về quái vật và tỉ lệ rớt đồ.

Hình ảnh

Có gì mới trong bản 2012?
HTML The Inferno rework

Similar to Inferno difficulty in Diablo 3, the last difficulty is now the 'bonus difficulty' for maxed characters, instead of a stepping stone on your way to uberquests. This means it is much harder than before, but you can find sacred uniques and sets there now! The regular game, from level 1 to 120, is now compressed in only two difficulty levels, eliminating redundant redundancy and limiting the boredom of going through the whole godforsaken game 3 times before you can start farming.

Destruction difficulty:
- The hidden monster level 121 no longer exists, sacred uniques and sets drop off level 120 monsters as well.
- Every monster in Destruction is level 120.
- Monsters with a health multiplier below 300% were scaled up so the difference to 300% health is halved (for instance, a 100-120% Cursed Soul now has 200-210%, but a 285-370% Tenebral still has 285-370%).

Terror difficulty:
- Rescaled monster levels from 50 to 115, up from 50 to 90.
- Increased Terror base monster stats.

Experience gain:
- Increased in Terror difficulty.
- Greatly reduced experience gain past character level 115.

- Monsters no longer move faster on higher difficulty levels.
- Increased uberlevel monster health scaling to at least 1000% for most uberquests.

The cold damage rework

- Monster cold length is no longer reduced by difficulty level.
- Every monster can now be chilled.
- Cold chill now only slows by 20% against monsters.
- Skill-based cold duration greatly increased.
- Monsters now have a 25/50/75% chance to be immune to freeze.


- Reduced walk and run speed by 10%.
- Changed barbarian, necromancer and sorceress select quote.
- Corrected the listed damage on all weapon skills with added magic damage (thanks rad82).
- Innate abilities now have a full description.
- Minions now scale with clvl/2 instead of clvl*2 to prevent health overflow.
- Reduced base block rates by 1% for all classes.


- Wild and Free: reduced movement speed bonus by 5% at all levels.
- Defensive Harmony: no longer slows enemies that swing at you and miss.

- Wyrmshot: submissiles are now fire arrows instead of fire swords (?!).

- Pounce: uses a different way to calculate flat damage to prevent overflow at high stat/skill levels.

- Moonbeam: fixed graphic.

- Blood Elementals: corrected damage display.


- Storm Crows: corrected damage description (you were hoping for a buff right?) xD
- Maelstrom MkIV: developed in secret to skirt the ban on fragmentation weapons, the 'Scylla' upgrade features flechettes magnetically coated in monomolecular flecks of metal stripped from the user's weapons, which seems to trigger the wapons' magical enchantments on impact. This technology rendered the projectile too bulky to pierce through enemies, but with this design requirement out of the way, space was found for a heavier fuel-air warhead to deal with immune targets, giving the wielder two effective forms of attack.

- Batstrike: corrected bat familiar damage display.
- Barrier Strike: base crit chance is now 5% as displayed, not 0%; increased blade duration to 2.4 seconds.
- Twin Fang Strike: removed annoying sound effect.

- Limpet Laser replaces Cryo Beam: sticky grenade that is thrown against a wall and fires cryo beams at nearby enemies.

- Way of the Phoenix: reduced base damage to 15-20 from 20-35.
- Way of the Gryphon: reduced base damage to 1-40 from 1-50.

- Blink: correctly displays stun length again.
- Perfect Being: reduced EHP% per level from 6-5-4-3-2 to 5-4-3-2-2.

- Bionetic Blast: now causes knockback (1/3) instead of stagger; increased aoe radius by 20%.
- Psionis Storm: increased radius; targets close to the middle are now staggered.
- Beacon: doubled fire damage and massively increased physical damage.


- Corrected minion life display (looks like a big nerf, but it's just the skill display matching up with actual life now) (*)

- Titan Strike: now starts at 10% armor instead of 0%.

- Snake Stance: slow target caps at 35%, down from 50%.
- Bear Stance: reduced armor to 10% per level, down from 15%.

- Wolf Companion: Doom radius is no longer bugged; no longer die to reflected damage; halved Doom damage.
- Fortress: increased timer to 7-3 seconds from 5-2 seconds, increased rate of fire from 15 frames to 10 frames.

- Shamanic Trance: reduced life bonus due to overflow.

(*) Thanks rad82. May be off by 2 life because I'm too lazy to do it properly. Hard math is hard.


- Blindside: now costs 0 mana.
- Cascade: halved mana cost.
- Elfin Arrows: increased base DS from 5% to 15%.
- Nova Shot: increased magic damage bonus per arrow.

- Freezing Gale: slightly increased damage per second.

- Treewarden Form: now slows 50% up from 25%.
- Pummel: now correctly uses attack rating.


- Voodoo Shot (renamed from Widowmaker) now gains +1 missile per soft point; added a graphic to indicate origin area.

- Summon Shadows: reduced Demon Blood elemental damage bonus from 7% per level to 4%.

- Rathma's Chosen: now has 1/8 chance to play a new sound.
- Graveyard: new cast sound.

- Frostclaw Totem: increased collision size (preventing misses)
- Fireheart Totem: doubled rate of fire, reduced targets from 4 to 2, increased splash damage radius.


- Plague is now the holy uberskill, and Resurrect is now the neutral uberskill.

- Retaliate: now has only 66% chance to knockback, down from 100%.
- Merkabah: replaced sound effects (thanks Arthandas).
- Colosseum: replaced sound effects (thanks Arthandas); no longer requires a melee weapon.

Morninglord rework:
- New skill: Sunstorm (replaces Glittering Regalia): channel to shoot a stream of glowing bolts at the nearest enemy, doing tons of damage.
- Brimstone: now a delayed detonation instead of a trap.
- Ring of Light, Brimstone and Rising Dawn now grant you the 'Resonance' buff (+50% total defense and 1/2 energy added to strength) if you are in a specific spot to absorb the spell's energy.
>>> Resonance bonus to Searing Glow: +3 second dazzle duration.
>>> Resonance bonus to Sunstorm: now hits all nearby enemies.

- Vessel of Judgement: reduced lightning sound volume.


- Ice Elementals: corrected damage and attack rating display.
- Snow Queen: increased life bonus cap from 25% to 30%.

- Firedance: timer now starts at 5 seconds and decreases to 0; no longer adds 25% IAS, but instead adds 50% ED +2% per soft point.
- Miasma: slightly reduced damage and attack rating penalties to enemies.

Other skills

- Fixed erroneous scaling of a number of non-learnable summoning skills.
- Fixed the damage and attack rating display of a number of non-learnable summoning skills (not a stat nerf).

- New skill: Shunpo (assassin naginata oskill): essentially a Pounce clone with reduced AoE and no timer.

- Claw Tornado: ND reduced to 4, now deals 3/4 damage and always shoots 5 tornadoes.
- Dark Summoning: has a 10 second cooldown again. Stop cheesing!
- Detonate: now always deals 5K physical damage to the target; it is no longer dependent on energy.
- Fear Bomb Totem: no longer gains an undocumented HP bonus from Stormeye Totem.
- Hammertime: all sources of this now always produce 10 hammers.
- MIRV: now correctly uses Beacon scaling.
- Pandemonium: added Fallen Sarandesh and Mahasattva to the monster pool.
- Shadow Blade: fixed error that resulted in the wrong (annoying) sound being played (over and over and over).
- Summon Daystar: spell damage bonus per level reduced from 10% to 5%.
- Summon Edyrem: life no longer erroneously scales with character level, but now has 75% chance to avoid damage.
- Zen Bolt: fixed graphic.

The Slow change

The Slow Target modifier on (most) off-weapon items and socketables is now Slow Melee Target, which slows your target on attack. If you have a source of regular slow, the regular slow will overwrite it as soon as the attack actually lands. If you do not, your direct target is now severely slowed.

Fixed issue that caused the slow modifier to spawn both slow and melee slow.

This impacts existing items as following (only includes items where the slow was changed and nothing else, otherwise see the items section of the changelog):

Items that were changed to Slow Melee Target

* Runewords:
- Snowsquall

* Uniques (existing instances get a required level of 555 and become unusable):
- Grimspirit
- Oreichalcos
- The Gauntlet
- Xepera Xeper Xeperu

* Crafts:
- Slow crafted jewels

Items that automatically update
No action is necessary.

* Runewords (containing Zod):
- Gharaniq: 5% slow -> 5% melee slow.

* Socketables:
- Zod runes: 5% slow -> 5% melee slow.

Items that were not changed

* Every weapon unless mentioned elsewhere.

* Runewords:
- Amaymon

* Uniques:
- Deadman's Hand
- The Sightless Eye

* Sets:
- Full set: Caoi Dulra.
- Full set: Cinadide's Craft.

Slow removed entirely
See below under the 'items' section because this is technically an item rebalance, not a slow modification.


- Changed the random reanimate pool.
This affix requires a monstats range. New monsters are added to the end of the file, and moving lines is dangerous or impossible because regular reanimate modifiers and monster spawner missiles require a monstats ID. Changing the existing reanimate list is the only safe way to add some of the more recent monsters, which unfortunately means some monsters are not included. The following are included:
Alpha Centaur
Ash Troll
Black Cat
Black Death
Black Ice Demon
Blood Prince
Blood Stone
Bloodfire Rogue
Bronze Shaman
Cloud Lord
Core Lord
Corruptor Warlock
Crystal Witch
Dark Horizon
Dark Vizjerei
Deathfire Bearer
Fetish Hunter
Fetish Sniper
Frost Raptor
Ghost Phoenix
Grizzly Giant
High Priestess
Ice Clan
Living Flame
Magma Drake
Marbled Frog
Mind Warrior
Monkey King
Ni Va
Onyx Knight
Peace Warder
Plagued Dead
Plagued Dead Archer
Quill Bear
Razorfur Titan
Shock Monkey
Shock Sting
Steel Crusher
Storm Shaman
Tomb Curse
Trap Rat
Tree of Life
Unseelie Lady
Void Archon
Regular monster types:
Acid Dog
Bat Demon
Blood Knight
Corpse Worm
Dragon Knight
Fallen Shaman
Gargoyle Barbarian
Goatman Priest
Ice Demon
Lightning Demon
Magma Demon
Quill Rat
Sand Raider
Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Mage
Undead Bird
Undead Hero
Undead Knight
Undead Mage
Zakarum Cleric
Zakarum Zealot

Misc types

- Reimplemented Signets of Gold, but they now affect (character) gold instead of goldbank. Note: the Western Kingdoms government will not guarantee your savings in case of a goldbank run. Thanks Rad82.

Drop rates

- Increased higher rune drop chances by reducing the cascade chance.
- Reduced base unique drop chance from 150 to 200 (regular LoD: 300).
- Reduced base set drop chance from 20 to 60 (regular LoD: 100).

Magical affixes

- Disabled oskill Pounce on naginata, but enabled oskill Shunpo.
- +31-50 to life/mana jewel affixes no longer cap at level 90.

Uber Rewards

- Crystalline Flame Medallion: removed +5% max resists (the old one gets a level req of 555 and is unusable).
- Fool's Gold: now only spawns a random non-elite monster (as for why: namestr colour!).
- Idol of Vanity: now gives +15% speed bonuses, down from +21-40%.
- Laser Focus Crystal: now gives +10% hp and mana, down from +11-15%.
- The Butcher's Tooth: added +10 to all stats.


- Renamed items with retarded names:
83K Damage Cap -> Beanie Sidhe (*groan*)
Chaos Disk of Change -> Hooves of the Thunderhorse
Gauntlets Khan -> Lamha Na Draoithe
Greatest Axe -> Elder Law
Mira Seductio -> Blackjade's Legacy
Puzzlebox of Laments -> Aiden's Lament
Safety Fist -> Baron Sludge's Bonecrushers
SuperMonStar -> Linarian's Furs
The Square Peg -> The Compensator

- Disabled Terumi's guest items due to hack threats from same:
Grand Armor
Sword of the White Void
Soul Reaver
Fury of Hellfire
- Also removed:
Modder's Block
Rime Bomb
The Battlecrusher
Clock and Dagger
Siggard's Revenge

- Added new uniques in their place:
Sarandeshi Hellcaller
Khazra Plate
Jere Harash's Ghostwing
Seven Heads of Tathamet
Washi Bai Ron
Shield of Hakan II
Lacuni Cowl (*groan* I just said I removed all bad puns. The Lacuni is the race of spear cats in D2/D3)
Helgrotha's Fang
Digitron Disk

- Angel Heart: removed slow.
- Candlewake: now grants 20% melee slow; reduced chance to reanimate to 5% to reduce lag.
- Celestia's Defense: increased flat attribute bonus from +41-50 to +100.
- Facebreaker: strength bonus reduced from 25% to 15%, reduced to 1 hp on striking.
- Horned Hunter: now has resist pierce instead of (useless) +% spell damage.
- Norrec's Targe: reduced to 2 hp on striking and 5% reanimate.
- Nor Tiraj's Wisdom: replaced +5% max resists with +20% resist all.
- Nymyr's Shadow: increased damate to 300-600 and flat damage to +200%.
- Ogden's Sign: added +41-50% to physical/magic spell damage. We strong! We kill with big magic!
- Piranha Swarm: reduced life on striking from +3 to +2.
- Ramcharge: corrected on-character colour.
- Scales of the Serpent: reduced heal on melee attack from 100 to 50.
- Seraph Wing: reduced max resists bonus from +10% to +5%.
- Siggard's Revenge: added 20% CB.
- Spirit Walker: removed +5% max resists.
- The Boulder: reduced crushing blow from 1-2% to 1%.
- The Gauntlet: now grants 50% melee slow.
- Wedding Dress of the Zann: removed slow.
- Witchbane: reduced max resists bonus from +10% to +5%.
- Zakarum Stoning Rock: reduced ctc from 2% to 1%.
- Zular Khan's Tempest: increased resist pierce from 20% to 60%.


- Demhe: removed 15% slow, but increased enhanced damage to +300-350%.
- Lily: removed 5% slow, but added +1 life on striking.
- Snowsquall: now grants 75% melee slow.
- Sylvanshine: removed 20% slow, but increased max damage to +401-500.


Culled a few useless modifiers that took up place and contributed to item affix overflow:

- Cinadide's Forge: removed 5% slow thorns.
- Hadriel's Pure Heart: removed 11-15% slow thorns.
- Imperius' Winged Feet: removed +5% max resists.
- Malthael's Wrath: removed 11-15% slow ranged thorns.
- Nature's Embrace: removed 5% slow.
- Nature's Grasp: removed 5% slow.
- Rathma's Trap: removed 5% slow.
- Scosglen's Fables: removed 5% slow.
- Tracker's Stealth: removed 5% slow thorns.
- Warmage's Breath: removed 5% slow thorns.
- Zann Esu's Binding Circle: removed 11-15% slow thorns.

- Fire: removed 20% IAS.
- Lone Wolf's Fur: removed 150 cold damage to attacker.
- Sacred Charge: removed +11-15% energy.
- Vasily's Falling Star: removed 5% reanimate.

- Partial set: Rathma's Empire: removed useless +4 Miasma and added +20% max life full set bonus here.
- Partial set: Sacred Earth: removed 15% Diseased Cattle on kill.
- Partial set: Satanic Mantra: removed +50 dexterity,

- Full set: Rainbow Warrior: removed 50% slow.
- Full set: Satanic Mantra: removed +2 necro skills.
- Full set: The Snake Pit: removed 50% slow.
- Full set: Last King of Scosglen: removed useless Forked Lightning proc, replaced +20% hp with 75% crushing blow.

Cube recipes

- The RIP and dragon challenge recipes no longer work on ethereal items, preventing the D2 'eth bug' from triggering.


- Improved monster distribution.

- Technical: removed dummy charmed aura, freeing up monprop space and a few affixes.
- Technical: leech penalty is now entirely in difficultylevels.txt.
- Monster attack rating is no longer erroneously high on Destruction (base 15000 down from 25000).
- 2% physical immunity is now 10% chance of 75% physical resist (display bug, thanks D2).


- Normalised chance of physical immunity: common monsters on uberlevels CAN randomly be physical immune (exception: Fauztinville, where they already have immunities). Bosses, as well as common monsters in summoning/dungeon ubers CANNOT randomly be physical immune.
- Uberquests with un-shield novas (Akarat, Khalimgrad) now have the primary target set to 200% resist all, which causes the -1000% resist nova to drop them to 0% resists, up from the silly -50% they had before.

- New ubermonster: Feyr (Island of the Sunless Sea): casts nightmare bolts, fears minions.
- New ubermonster: Sunless Reveler (Island of the Sunless Sea): tough cleric who casts Wraithverge bolts.
- New ubermonster: Sunless Mutant (Island of the Sunless Sea): has Amazing Grace, making it invulnerable for a short time on striking.
- New ubermonster: Nightmare (Island of the Sunless Sea), summoned by feyr.
- New ubermonster: Lantern Archon (Khalimgrad): slow, weak but untargettable glowing sphere.
- New ubermonster: Jungle Snake (Tran Athulua): lies invisible in wait, casts Snake Poison on attack.
- New ubermonster: Hardliner (Fauztinville): melee attacker with a Barrier Strike attack.
- New ubermonster: Necromorb (Duncraig): small globe that fires magic damage bolts.

- The Butcher: remake. He is now invulnerable to all damage but has 20% chance on attack to spawn a binding circle at a distance. He can be damaged only when he's inside the binding circle. Also, he now has 25/50/75% avoidance, down from 75/75/75% and does not heal.
- Creature of Flame: remake. He kills players instantly with physical damage. However, he is surrounded by Astral Guardians whose attack phases players, granting them immunity to physical damage.

- All Vizjun bots now have 10/20/30% crushing blow.
- Toraja monsters no longer leave corpses.
- AC-1 Hammer Bot (former Enforcer): now slows by 25/50/75% on striking.
- AC-2 Rivet Bot (former Enforcer): now fires 5 bolts, each dealing 1/3 auto attack damage.
- RC-2 Heavy Drone: increased chance to use Clobber.
- Akarat: now has 25/50/75% avoidance, up from 0/0/66%; improved AI
- Avatar of Zakarum: now has 25/50/75% avoidance, up from 0/0/75%.
- Dark Nephalem: no longer have more spells on Hatred than on Terror/Destruction.
- Dorian & Gray: uses a new monster model.
- Ennead Necromancer: uses a new monster model.
- Inarius (secret): now has 25/50/75% avoidance.
- King Koth: now has 25/50/75% avoidance, up from 0/0/50%.
- Lost Soul: increased health.
- Malic: uses a new monster model; life drain missile is now transparent.
- Morlu: uses a new monster model.
- Quov Tsin: removed 25% avoidance on Destruction difficulty.
- Shadowgate Totems: now have 25/50/75% avoidance, up from 0/0/50%.
- Tal Rasha: now has 25/50/75% avoidance, up from 0/0/75%.

- Cow Honcho: now properly uses Chronofield.
- Stormscourge: now uses Supernova.

- Vizjun chaingun trap ('Sentry engaging target'): now knocks characters into hit recovery.
- Vizjun mine trap ('Spawning minefield'): mine scatter increased; there is now a big graphic, but if you touch them you go BOOM (5K, unresistable).

Regular maps

- New monster type: Flit
- New monster type: **** Snapper, Grubber (elite)
- New monster type: Porkchop (elite)
- New monster type: The Pack (elite)
- New monster type: Couatl, Landshark, Rainbow Hunter, Ni Va (elite)
- New monster type: Mahasattva (elite)
- New monster type: Corpse Worm
- New monster type: Slimer, Glooper (elite)
- New monster type: Sewer Troll, Dungeon Troll, Ash Troll (elite)
- New monster type: Wandering Sarandesh, Fallen Sarandesh (elite)
- New monster type: Hemoplague (elite)

- New elite: Detonator
- New elite: Fetish Rocketeer
- New elite: Hypnotoad
- New elite: Silverbolt

- Every Act boss now has 25/50/75% avoidance, changed from either 0/0/0% or 30/60/90%.
- Mephisto: no longer flying.

- Baalspawn (the dragons): now correctly set the Retaliate flag on striking.
- Doomcloud: no longer flying, but now casts bigger lightning bolts.

- Fixed bug that caused veteran monsters to have an erroneously low level.
- Landmass: increased health; cancelled plans to rename them to Tiny Pebble.

- Annihilator: increased maximum poison damage, reduced minimum poison damage.
- Avalanche: corrected AI bug.
- Black Death: now casts Snake Poison on striking.
- Black Ice Demon: made AI slightly more creative so they don't just herp derp walk at you and shoot Mind Flay incessantly.
- Bloodfire Rogue: corrected AI bug.
- Corruptor: made to remember they are DANGEROUS UNDEAD FROM HELL.
- Dark Ancient: renamed to Dark Librarian and casts Lorenado.
- Dark Champion: improved chance to use tertiary attack (Phalanx/Sacred Armor).
- Dark Vizjerei: greatly increased poison cloud damage; added the ability to enrage at low health.
- Daystar/Deathless: corrected AI bug that caused them to try and cast invalid skills.
- Dirge: fixed bug that made them never immune to physical damage; increased poison damage.
- Fetish Sniper: now fires fast moving bullets.
- Fire Prince: reduced Crater death damage, removed fire pierce.
- Fireblood: Replaced softball projectile with molten boulder.
- Gremlin: reduced fire resist pierce to 25/50/75%, down from 25/50/100%.
- Living Flame: now casts Flamefront.
- Monkey King: increased Barrel Throw damage.
- Mountain God: renamed to Ancient Giant.
- Plaguebringer: increased Poison Nova damage.
- Shock Monkey: no longer gets stuck in an AI loop.
- Unseelie Dame: fixed chance to spawn to be correct for an elite.
- Void Archon: enemy phiên bản now correctly prevents magical healing.

- Destroyer: increased fire damage explosion.
- Destroyer Shaman: Energy Beam is now physical damage; increased damage; Demon Blood Aura is now level 1 if reanimated.
- Ghost Zombie: increased health.
- Soul Spider: increased Flash skill level.

Buffs to some ignorable monster types:
- All acid dogs: increased poison projectile damage.
- All apes: Shockwave stun length increased from 0.4 to 0.8 seconds.
- All balrogs: improved usage of Fire Splash: no longer a proc, but an actively cast spell.
- All basilisks: increased chance to cast Spellbind.
- All beetles: increased damage and Claw Tornado damage.
- All cat priestesses: increased level of the fire damage effect on death.
- All centaurs: now speed up when chilled!
- All fallen heroes: increased Concentration effect.
- All fetish blowdarts: increased damage by 50%.
- All frogs: increased Frog Prince damage.
- All gargoyle barbarians: no longer get dumber on higher difficulty levels.
- All goat priests: increased Pain Spirit damage.
- All ice demons: increased Ice Beam damage.
- All mosquitoes: increased Poison Flash damage.
- All oblivion knights: Zen Bolt now uses attack rating, but also converts their damage to magic.
- All skeleton mages: the third tier now uses Flamefront, Ice Lance and Lightning.
- All succubus types: increased bloodstar damage.
- All vampires: Ice Beam spell replaced with Slicer Blade, which throws two blades that don't do any damage on their way but hover in the air at a certain distance and shreds you to ribbons if you walk through them.
- All wisps: Lightning spell replaced with Electrobolt, no longer incredibly dumb and no longer gets dumber at higher difficulty levels.


- The 'covenant hug' glitch is now an official feature, with a few minor changes:
Mercs now gain 1% ED per point of strength.
Mercs now gain +1 life regen per point of strength.
Mercs now gain 1 energy factor per 4 points of strength.
- Act 1 merc slow thorns now works correctly.


- Fireball Nova trap: doubled damage
- Repulsor Nova: now stuns on contact.


- Potions can no longer be stacked in town.
- Mana potions now work.
- Regular healing and mana potions now slightly slow you down. PSA: don't drink and run.


- Updated the Median Oscar.
- Increased Destruction difficulty death penalty.
- Fixed the delevel bug.

Có gì mới trong bản 2012 v004?
HTML 2012 v003 -> 2012 v004



- The bloodwitch rework:
--> Balefire: improved graphics, now always knocks back, added levels now increase radius instead of duration.
--> Bacchanalia: reworked, now increases spell damage when below 1/3 life (instead of the incomprehensible breakpoint thing) and also adds +% max life and improves your other spells when below 1/3 life:
------------- Magic Missiles: 6.6 yd splash radius on impact
------------- Balefire: 50% damage reduction while casting
------------- Bloodstorm: doubled target seek range and +4 targets
------------- Lava Pit: x2 damage radius.
--> Lava Pit: now stuns enemies at the exact middle; now deals flat dps instead of unreliable random damage.

- The spearazon rework:
--> Takedown: improved scaling.
--> Hyena Strike (replaces Prowl): deal poison damage and spawn a health orb that heals you when walked through.
--> Pounce: new icon.
--> Lioness: removed weapon restriction.
--> Great Hunt: remade, now launches 3 spirits in a zigzagging line, doing moderate damage with no ND, new icon.
The new Fury mechanic:
--> To gain Fury:
------------- Pounce: don't move for 1 second after pouncing
------------- Great Hunt: walk through the blood spatters left on impact
--> Fury gives +25% attack and cast speed and enhances skills:
------------- Takedown: when the buff is active you heal 25% of max life per kill
------------- Hyena Strike: instead of a single poison hit, now spawns a poison puddle that deals massive dps
------------- Pounce: str/dex bonus to damage doubled
------------- Great Hunt: launches 8 extra spirits

- Ecstatic Frenzy: increased flat damage.
- Fire Elementals: now have 5% chance to cast Inner Fire instead of 1% chance to cast Gift of Inner Fire; health increased by 50%.


- Reduced mana costs on Bear Claw, Stampede, Rebound, Overkill.


- Circle of Life: reduced the effectiveness of increasing returns at high skill levels.
- Summon Acid Fiends: greatly increased life.
- Wildfire: reduced graphical duration to reduce framerate loss on trash PCs.


- Summon Jinn: reduced life to prevent the overflow bug.


- Mind Flay: removed graphical effects to reduce framerate loss on trash PCs.


- Normalised mana costs on spells.

- Force Blast (replaces Arcane Fury): wave that reduces the damage of enemies in its path and attempts to knock them back. Insert blatantly obvious fus-do-rah reference.
- Force Wall: timer reduced by 4 frames per clvl, up from 2; increased knockback chance to 12% per frame per wall segment up from 6%; increased length by 1/5.

- Summon Ice Elementals: increased health by 50%.


- Reduced the mana cost increase per level of all new oskills to either 0 or 5.

- Hamstring: reduced mana cost.
- Pentagram: reduced mana cost.
- Powder Keg: now has a ministun and is capable of multihitting.
- Psicrown: reduced initial range (this is a buff, it causes the missiles to reach the end and chain into an autotargetting missile faster).
- Raven Flight: damage no longer overflows; added knockback.
- Rune of Ice: slightly increased radius.
- Slicer Blade: now correctly displays damage, ND increased from 2 to 3, now correctly uses AR.
- Time Strike: reduced number of hitter missiles to reduce lag.
- Time Wave: reduced number of hitter missiles to reduce lag; increased delay before Time Strike detonation.


Magic and rare affixes

- Added lower level oskills for Frozen Soul and Venomous Spirit.
- Added new oskills for Pentagram, Fire Cascade, Shackles of Ice, Bloodstar, Flash, Meteor Shower, Countdown, Ball Lightning and Apocalypse.


- Nimmenjuushin: Claw Tornado proc no longer spawns an unintended number of tornadoes (in fact it spawns only 2 lol).


- Fixed issue that caused homing skills to fail to track heroic bosses.
- Statues (Astrogha, Laz) are now immune to homing spells.

- The Butcher: changed Binding Circle animation (thanks xarugas).
- Horadric Mage: removed the 1% chance to heal when struck.
- Infernal Machine: reduced Amazing Grace when struck proc.
- Lantern Archon: reduced damage.

- Living Rock: now correctly havs an immunity on Hatred.
- Silverbolt: Thunderball attack now correctly hits the nearest target instead of all nearby targets.


- Vizjun: halved damage of the minefield sentinel effect.

2012 v002 -> 2012 v003


- Increased run and walk speed by 11% (amazon run speed by 22%).


- Pounce: fixed bug that caused this to be usable with javelins as well as spears.
- Summon Fire Elementals: increased health by +50%; corrected synergy description.


- Batstrike: minion resists now correctly capped at 75%.
- Limpet Laser: increases base damage to 4-8 from 2-6.
- Maelstrom MkIV: dex-based damage is now magic instead of physical, fixing the bugged intearction with weapon damage leading to excessive or no damage.


- Nova Shot: each arrow now has 10% chance to knock back.
- Summon Acid Fiends: increased health by +15%.
- Thorn Wall: increased collision size, now has 33% chance to knock back.
- Wildfire: now uses A1 (fast) attack animation.


- Bane: doubled curse duration.
- Famine: doubled leech bonus.
- Summon Veil King: health now scales less strongly with character level to prevent overflow.
- Summon Void Archon: health now scales less strongly with character level to prevent overflow.

- Summon Jinn: now correctly scales with character level.


- Vindicate: displayed heal rate is now correct.

- Blessed Life: increased damage reduction to 10% +3/hard point from 6% +2/hard point and flat damage reduction by 40 +1/soft point.
- Retaliate: increased knockback chance to 75% from 66%.
- Scourge: increased health by +50%.


- Tempest: corrected synergy description.


- New oskill: Avalanche
- New oskill: Churel
- New oskill: Devouring Cloud
- New oskill: Emerald Prison
- New oskill: Phoenix Wave
- New oskill: Psicrown
- New oskill: Slicer Blade
- New oskill: Splitfire
- New oskill: Static Spike
- New oskill: Stormfront
- New oskill: Time Wave

- SMG: now pierces and has 66% chance to knock back.
- Time Strike: now always has a fuse length of 1 second.


Destruction difficulty:
- Reduced base damage by 5% (from 530 to 502).
- Reduced base health by 20% (from 55000 to 46750).
- Reduced base AR by 25% (from 15000 to 11250).

- New monster: Blur (Act 2 Tombs): invulnerable while moving.

- Aldric Jitan: fixed missing poison immunity.
- Malic: fixed a bug that caused his homing magic bolts to deal excessive or no damage.
- The Butcher: reduced minimum damage.

- Hephaesto: now enrages at low health instead of healing.

- Hardliner: reduced chance to use Barrier Strike.
- Necromorb: corrected bug that caused its ranged attack to have x2 AR; reduced minimum damage.
- Sunless Mutant: reduced chance to proc Amazing Grace on striking from 100% to 25%.

- Corruptor Mage: reduced poison damage.
- Fireblood: reduced pack size to 1.
- Glooper: reduced maximum starting health.
- Hemoplague: greatly reduced health of spawned instances.
- Hypnotoad: no longer spawns.
- Living Flame: now correctly casts Flamefront.
- Mahasattva: reduced Fragmenting Crystal WDM from 100% to 75%; reduced starting number of beetles from 5-7 to 3-4; removed from Act 1 caves.
- Ni Va: reduced Eywa Shield duration from 25/65/85 frames to 35 frames on all difficulty levels; fixed graphical bug with their ranged attack.
- Pest: increased death damage.
- Porkchop: changed Porkulator debuff: now -33% movement/attack/cast speed, changed from -50% movement speed and -50/250/350 all stats.
- The Pack: greatly reduced health.

- Stormscourge: now correctly casts Supernova.

- All snapper types: reduced Poison Flash skill level; reduced health regeneration from 20 to 5.
- All troll types: reduced Trollphase duration from 5 to 3 seconds; removed health regeneration.
- All wisp types: now correctly cast Electrobolt.

- Snake Poison (Corpse Worm etc) now has a more distinct graphic.

- Sleeping **** Snapper: moved to Stony Field.
- Witch: removed from Hatred difficulty.


Superior items

Changed ED% range to 20-50% and 30-60% from 10-40% and 10-60%.

Magic and rare affixes

- Reanimate: now has the correct range on its random reanimate stat.

Uber rewards

- Fool's Gold: now has the correct range on its random reanimate stat.


- Bellifortis: now displays the correct amount of strength bonus to damage.
- Digitron Disk: can now actually drop.
- Wardance: Blink proc now works correctly due to the use of anykill-skill.
- Yee Naaldlooshii: removed oskill Wolf Companion due to complaints that it wasn't useful enough.

- Legacy item amnesty: due to many complaints about the forced replacement (required level 555) of certain old overpowered items in MXL2012, I reverted the level requirement on old versions of:
Crystalline Flame Medallion
The Gauntlet
Wedding Dress of the Zann
Wyand's Fervor
Xepera Xeper Xeperu


- Full set bonus: Celestia's Myth: now correctly gives +10% max resists instead of +5%.
- Full set bonus: Rathma's Empire: removed useless Miasma bonus.

Drop rates

- Increased base unique drop from 1/200 to 1/150. (Omega v003: 1/150)
- Increased base set drop from 1/60 to 1/25 (Omega v003: 1/20)
- Kurast 3000 BA: reduced px-independent nodrop chance from 47-66% to 42-61%.
- Tran Athulua: increased unique drop bias from 512 (x2) to 640 (x2.6666).
- Duncraig: increased unique drop bias from 256 (x1.3333) to 384 (x1.6).
- Elites only drop 2 items instead of 3.


- Act 2 Fighter Mage: no longer has an invalid skill instead of Chronofield.


- Experience curve reverted to Omega v003 levels.
- Apples no longer damage you if your max health is high.

Cách cài đặt:

1/ Vào Folder mà bạn cài đặt Diablo II-thông thường là ở đây "C:\Program Files\Diablo II"- và đổi tên file Patch_D2.mpq thành

Patch_D2_backup để tạo backup!

(bước này rất quan trọng vì khi bị lỗi gì thì có thể quay lại được)

2/ Bỏ file patch_d2.mpq mà bạn mới nối vào trong folder đó.

3/ Chạy Diablo II như bình thường
*Nếu nâng cấp từ bản 2012 lên 2012 V005 thì không cần tạo nhân vật mới. Còn nếu nâng cấp từ những bản cũ hơn thì phải tạo nhân vật mới để chơi.*

Link down 2012 V005: Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!
Hướng dẫn chơi bằng Tiếng Việt: Phần 1: Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Phần 2: Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Link down tổng hợp: Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!
Click vào link sẽ bị error, các bạn copy link rồi paste lên trên URL là sẽ được.

Cho Những Bạn Nào Sử Dụng IDM: các bạn mở IDM, vào Download -> Options -> File types. Thêm 001 002 003 004 vào trong ô mà có sẵn 1 đống định dạng ấy, rồi bấm "OK". Làm vậy thì IDM sẽ tự download các file, cải thiện tốc độ down.

Patch 1.13d cho Diablo II LOD: Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Còn đây là bản Diablo 2 LOD nếu ai chưa có: hay

Link là do mình tự up nên nếu link die thì mình sẽ sửa

Nếu thấy hay thì nhớ Thanks!

Cách chuyển lại thành bản LOD 1.13d cho những ai muốn chơi trên

1/ Vào folder cài đặt Diablo II

2/ Đổi tên cái patch_d2.mpq thành patch_d2_median.mpq

3/ Đổi tên lại cái Patch_D2_backup.mpq thành Patch_D2.mpq

Bạn có thể chuyển lại thành Median XL bất cứ lúc nào bằng cách đổi lại Patch_D2.mpq thành Patch_D2_backup.mpq và patch_d2_median.mpq thành patch_d2.mpq, và ngược lại.

Trong trường hợp bạn đã không làm backup như mình hướng dẫn, bạn có thể down nó tại đây Bấm vào đây để đăng nhập và xem link!

Hiện tại mình đang làm bản việt hóa của Median XL 2012. Bạn nào hứng thú thì Phần mềm tham gia việt hóa giúp mình.

Lưu ý khi sử dụng

- Gặp Link download hỏng, hãy đăng trả lời (yêu cầu link download mới), Các MOD sẽ cập nhật link sớm nhất
- Tìm kiếm trước khi đăng bài mới

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