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By boitien_titi

đây là loại game mini nhưng khá hay và hình vẽ ngộ nghĩnh .............. nói về việc bạn sẽ trồng các cây bảo vệ không cho Zombie xâm nhập nàh mình . cái này danh cho những bác máy cấu hình yễu chơi đỡ buồn

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tải về rồi xóa .ctit đi và giải nén bình thường với pass:

By hanakjmj7591
By hoitamkiengiang
#588978 trò này khi mấy bạn nuôi cây tree of wisdom lên thì nó sẽ cho 1 số gợi ý trong việc chơi, tui post lên mấy bạn tham khảo

* Chompers and Wall-nuts work exceedingly well together.

* You want two columns of sunflowers.

* Snorkel Zombies... are best dealt with, with Wall-nuts on Lilypads.

* Have you heard of the elusive Yeti Zombie? Some say he likes hiding where it's pitch black.

* How many cherry bombs does it take to take down a Gargantuar? Here's a hint: more than one, fewer than three. Here's a more explicit hint: Two.

* If you're looking for mushroom plants for your Zen Garden, you'll have better luck playing on levels where it's night time.

* I wouldn't worry about permanently damaging your lawn with Doom-shrooms. In time the earth heals itself.

* Have you tried clicking on the flowers on the main menu? Give it a shot! I'll wait here.

* Legend has it that frozen zombies eat slower. I'm here to tell that legend has its facts straight.

* Pssst! Try typing 'future' while playing to experiences zombies... from the FUTURE!.

* What's cheaper than free? Nothing! That's why Puff-shrooms are essential on all night levels!

* Are you hoping to find water plants for your Zen Garden? I bet my phloem you'll have the most luck searching in pool levels.

* Have you noticed that Gargantuars sometimes use OTHER ZOMBIES to bash your plants? Whatever works, I guess.

* Stinky the Snail sure loves his chocolate. Maybe loves it a little too much, you know? He won't sit still for an hour after he's had some.

* If you think playing survival 'endless' mode only drops pool-style plants for your Zen Garden, think again! It drops everything-style.

* Often the question is asked: where do you find chocolate? A better question would be: where DON'T you find chocolate? It drops in every game mode.

* Grave busters, eh? Pick 'em only when you can see graves on the right side of the screen along with the zombies. That's what I do.

* I've heard that Buckethead zombies take five times as many hits as regular ones.

* The number of coins you receive in Wall-nut bowling is proportional to how cool you are as measure by how many ricochets per nut you can pull off.

* Do multiple Snow-peas in a row slow zombies down more than just one? The sad but truthful answer is 'Nay.'

* You know that zombies emerge from gravestones, right? So what's stopping you from using gravebusters to get rid of them in Survival night? Is it pride?

* If you're looking for the inside info on how long a level's going to be, count the flags on the level meter. That'll set you up real nice.

* Roof cleaners. Classic items. Can't recomment them highly enough. Best thing about them? They give you a shot at beating Pogo Party.

* If you're wondering if feeding a Hypno-shroom to a dancer zombie compels him to summon backup dancers for you, bet it all on 'Yes.'

* Make Money Fast! By Playing Survival Endless! Then E-mail Me Your Bank Account Number!

* You'd think Torchwoods would douse snow peas. And you'd be correct, because you, my friend, are one smart cookie.

* Those hateful Zombotany zombies! Who do they think they are, shooting at your plants? It's a good thing Wall-nuts stop 'em cold.

* The Pogo Party and Bobsled Bonanza mini-games are really, really, really difficult. Wanna drop one of those 'reallys' off that description? Use the Squash.

* Just when you thought jalapenos couldn't be any more useful, a Tree of Widowm lets you know that they also destroy the Zomboni's ice trails! Bam!

* Once you buy the Imitater, try clicking the little drawing in the upper left corner of your Almanac to access the entry on that sucker.

* I hear that typing 'mustache' brings about a terrifying transformation in the undead!

* Please do not tap on the glass! Or actually, go ahead, right-click on your Aquarium Garden or during Zombiquarium to deafen your underwater creatures.

* When I was just an acorn my grampa told me, 'Son, Vasebreaker puzzles are much easier if you break the vases on the right side first.'

* Dancers in I, Zombie may seem expensive, but in the right situation they're worth every penny.

* I had a dream. In it, cattail spikes popped balloons and dropped zombies to the ground. I don't know what it means.

* Growing aquatic plants in your zen garden is pretty much impossible without the zen aquarium. Just saying.

* Digger zombies violate the natural order with their subterranean ways. It's only fair to use Magnet-shrooms to steal their mining picks.

* Every day brings new challenges and opportunities. Oh, and new Marigolds in Crazy Dave's Shop.

* Mushroom Garden! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing'! Except growing mushrooms, that is.

* Tired? Depressed? Ladders on Tall-nuts getting you down? A quick Magnet-shroom will whisk your cares away!

* The tallness of Tall-nuts earns widespread acclaim due to their effectiveness vs. Dolphin Riders and Pogo Zombies.

* The explosive force of a Cherry Bomb is more than capable of disloging a ladder from a wall-nut.

* It's tempting to feed all your chocolate to Stinky the Snail. He's such a chocolate hog. But remember: zen garden plants like chocolate too!

* Torchwood fire is hotter than rage, but Zombonis, screen doors, ladders and catapults can take the heat.

* If you rely on upgrade plants in Survival endless, be acutely aware that they get more expensive the more you have on your lawn.

* The Imps in I, Zombie seem weak. But they're speedy and great for fetching that last brain when you've cleared the rest of the opposition.

* If you type 'tricked out,' don't be surprised if you see something wacky happen to your lawnmowers.
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