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By minhtran0397
#587109 Everyone who played Super Mario Bros as a child on the old portable Nintendo console should also focus his attention on this title. It is a great remake of the original Mario Game. It can be addicting even for people who have not played this game before. In this great platform game we will have to guide plumber Mario through eight different worlds and we will have to defeat a powerful boss after each level. His main task is well known from the other parts of this game. He has to defeat evil dragon Kooppa and save his beloved princess Peach that became the slave of Koopa. Mario will meet many opponents on his way. They are well-known from other parts of the Mario Game. We also have to jump on different platforms and go through many obstacles. The biggest advantage of this game are levels, which are very diversified. We should also notice a beautiful graphic and scrolling that is better than in the original Super Mario Bros. Players can also find some new elements in this game. We have the opportunity to save our game, we can meet new opponents and many ‘accelerators’ that will Giúp Mario to defeat his opponents with ease. Fans of the classic Mario do not have to be worried, because the game have not lost its fantastic climate that is one of its strongest points, so we can still collect coins, look for hidden levels and notice many elements, which are characteristic for the original. Super Mario 3: Mario Forever is also offering many different types of mini games. We can control Mario brothers in these games and have a lot of fun. These games are good for players who are bored with the main game and for beginners who want to know how to control the character and how to move in the Mario’s world. The main task in these mini games is to collect as many points, as we can. These mini games will increase the time that we will spend with this game having a great fun. The game is totally free and it can be downloaded from the Internet without any legal problems. Mario the game can be downloaded directly from the producer’s website and from many other websites associated with the topic of Mario Brothers and their adventures.

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