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By caoboi_mientay_11

Language: English

Sword of the Samurai is a story-driven sword fighting game that allows players to create a character and train their fighter in a variety of fighting techniques as they work their way to finally become the ultimate Bushido Master. Players will experience their character's growth as they develop their own sword-fighting style and learn new skills by receiving authentic advice and instruction from expert Dojo Masters. Players will fight multiple opponents including 30 of the most famous Japanese sword-fighting grandmasters, going on a variety of missions to learn new sword fighting skills and amass a collection of more than 100 authentic swords with individual statistics. Sword of the Samurai is the ultimate sword fighting game, featuring awesome combat in a feudal Japanese atmosphere.

Develop a unique fighter from appearance to individual skills and sword fighting style with a combination of various defense and attack stances

Utilize a variety of sword mastery fighting styles and strategies, including direct attacks, parries and other sword techniques

Fight multiple opponents simultaneously - one versus multi opponents or traditional one-on-one scenarios

Take on missions and fight in tournaments, including assassination, defend, rescue, and guard and protect

Fight against 30 famous, historical Japanese sword masters with accurately modelled weapons and realistic sword techniques all based on real Japanese sword schools

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