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By lovezenyvitkon

The sea has many secrets…An all expenses paid invitation to spend vacations onboard the Mary Celeste II on her maiden voyage proves to be too tempting to reject, even for Mary Morehouse who is afraid of the sea since childhood. The joy of the adventure is however soon destroyed by a raging storm and the mysterious disapearance of the crew. Will Mary Celeste II share the fate of her unfamous predecessor, found in 1872 near Gibraltar with noone on deck? That would surely not fit Mary’s plans, so you’d better Giúp her to solve the riddle in this thrilling, hidden object game.

Game Features:

* Unique ambience surrounding the greatest mystery of the marine in XIX century

* 16 beautiful environments full of hidden clues

* Both old and new Mary Celeste variations to explore

* Multiple hotspots in environments to search

* Multiple minigames incorporated into the story

Install Notes:

1. Unrar.

2. Burn or mount the image.

3. càithe game.

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